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Brittany Pollentier fires women’s season-high 739, Jeff Barsness slams 813

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, October 26, 2020 4:00 pm

Brittany Pollentier fired a women’s season-high 739 to highlight the last week of individual certified play in the Madison Area USBC.

Mary Lo, who had the prior season’s high with 730, rolled a 707 (237-215-255), while Amanda van Duyn slammed 719 on the Kegel Great Wall of China lane pattern.

Great Wall of China is a symmetrical 48-foot pattern with 25.3 mL oil and ratios of 6-1 middle-outside track, 2.45-1 middle-middle track and 1-1 middle-inside track.

The top reported men's series were 813 (278-246-289) by Jeff Barsness, 793 by Tez Stevenson and 791 by Danny Verdecchia.

Mike Hoffman rolled a perfect game in a 780 series on the Kegel Great Wall of China lane pattern. Noah Brindley recorded a perfect game in a 754 series using a Storm PITCH PURPLE urethane. Rory Holland rolled a 300 in a 739.

Other perfect games include Matt Pursell’s eighth, Todd Husebo’s seventh, and Chris Green’s fifth. Here are their closing shots:



All of these scores come from reports to me or Facebook reports.

Anyone who has any honor scores to report can send them to me at [email protected].