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Carter Krachey, Jade Oelke, Garrett Pauli, Keala Loya take top spots in BYBT at Dream Lanes

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Sunday, November 20, 2022 7:00 pm
Left to right, the champions of Sunday’s BYBT tournament at Dream Lanes: Garrett Pauli in boys handicap, Carter Krachey in boys scratch, Keala Loya in girls handicap, and Jade Oelke in girls scratch. Photo by Badgerland Youth Bowlers Tour.
Carter Krachey, Jade Oelke, Garrett Pauli and Keala Loya won the division titles in Sunday’s Badgerland Youth Bowlers Tour tournament at Dream Lanes. Krachey, who averaged 227, earned $408 in scholarship money for winning the boys scratch division. Oelke, who averaged 204, earned $191 for winning the girls scratch division. Pauli, who averaged 194, earned $384 for winning the boys handicap division. Loya, who averaged 152, earned $164 for winning the girls handicap division. For...