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Jeff Richgels

The 11th Frame: Mountain Dew Bowler of the Year tourney for juniors draws 127

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 3:55 pm

The Madison Area Junior Bowling Association drew 127 of the 187 bowlers who qualified for the Mountain Dew Bowler of the Year tournament to Schwoegler's Entertainment Center last weekend.

Winners were crowned in nine average categories with the 127 qualifying by winning a bowler of the month award between October and February.

The competition is pins over average.

The category winners were Tanner Bilstad in 181 average and up with a 682 series that was 133 pins over average; Tyler Gates, 161-180 average, 663 series-123 over; Dan Kuntzsch, 141-160, 569-98; Corey Moreland, 121-140, 493-73; Rikki Ballweg, 101-120, 510-117; Austin Nelson, 91-100, 461-95; Colin Devyor, 71-90, 338-80; John Shoemaker, 51-70, 407-137; Stephanie Lo, 0-50, 269-143.

Tyler Sheehy's 687 was the high series and Joey Buchwald's 289 was the high game.

By the time the Bowler of the Year event was held, a bowler may have had an average higher than the category they qualified in, but they still competed in that category with their average as of March 1.

Full results for the months and year are here.