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Storm IQ Tour

7 years ago

IQ TOUR review by Storm staffer Jeff Richgels

      The IQ TOUR ball details are here:

UPDATE: The more I used this ball the less I liked it, as it was simply too strong for me. I re-drilled my IQ Tour with a pin-up and still struggled with the breakpoint. I added a weight hole as recommended by Storm and it rolled better but still was more than my aging body and moderate speed to rev rate ratio could comfortably handle. If either picked up too early and quit, or went too long and sharp when I adjusted by moving in.

This ball might be the best ever for many, many people but there simply are better choices for me. It turned out to be a ball I don't like that many people love. Other example of such balls in the past were the T-ROAD SOLID and RAPID FIRE.

I don't know what that means for others except that you should be comfortable with a ball that makes a very strong move in the midlane and back-end.


     There has been a lot of talk that the IQ TOUR has the core of the TOUR POWER, which is one of the great control balls of all time. The IQ TOUR core is not exactly the TOUR POWER core, but the fast-revving symmetrical C3-Centripetal Control Core is close enough to think of it that way. The very low 0.029 differential (15-pounders) is the number that stands out. Put it with the R2S solid coverstock (4,000 Abralon box finish) that was used in great balls like the SPECIAL AGENT and T-ROAD SOLID and you have what should be a great benchmark ball.

      That certainly was my thinking in choosing a drilling with the pin under my bridge and the CG kicked right at about 60 to 75 degrees. I chose the pin under drilling because if it's going to be a benchmark ball for fresh oil it better have a drilling that gets it rolling. My 61/64 weight hole is at P3, which should increase flare by 21 percent

      The PIN to PAP is 5, PAP to "MB" is 4 7/8, and pin buffer is 4 3/4.

      I have used the IQ on a wet-dry house shot on Brunswick ProLane synthetics and the PBA Chameleon pattern in a PBA Regional on olderBrunswicksynthetics.

      My reaction to the IQ TOUR is simply: WOW!

      The midlane move on the IQ TOUR is incredible. On the house shot, I had to get about 3-and-2 deeper than I was with the IQ and could throw it very hard and it never went through the breakpoint.

      And it was completely unusable on Chameleon for my moderate speed/tweener rev rate combination.

      I can't wait to try it on a heavier/longer Sport pattern than the 39-foot, typically flying Chameleon, and on a house shot with a lot more oil than the place I tried it usually uses.

      It's also possible that I could use it on lighter patterns if I shined the cover, but I want to try it on heavier oil before I do that.

      If you're someone looking for a ball that makes a strong move in the midlane, the IQ TOUR is a ball you should get. If that's something you don't like, you probably want to avoid it, or at least plan on shining it a lot.


Coverstock:R2S Solid
Box Finish:4,000 Abralon