The 11th Frame Blog en-us 2015 Jeff Richgels' 11th Frame blog. 7304 The 11th Frame: USBC extends registration for 2015 Open Championships to end of tournament <p>In what has become an annual move, the United States Bowling Congress has extended the registration deadline for the <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Open Championships</strong></a>.</p> <p>The difference this year is that the deadline has been extended all the way to the end of the tournament, which in this case is July 11 as that is the date of the last team squad; the last minors squad is July 12.</p> <p>Here is what USBC&rsquo;s Matt Cannizzarro posted on the USBC&rsquo;s official Open Championships Facebook page:</p> <p><em>Great news bowlers - If you haven't signed up for the 2015 <a href="">‪#&lrm;USBCOpen</a>, it's not too late!</em><br /><em>If you have a team and would like to register, the deadline has been extended until July 11. To register, visit: <a href=";h=EAQEX3DYm&amp;enc=AZPeZ3z7zDFVcP3hDwJ4AKCVtZ1PpRSwH8YlGitSRbFDO7nCY7nqNZ4gkx1G6xzyxT4RznwZM1FvUEXqO1r9gT0RVRzeFlgBcxCR54l8uor8olOvF8NksLkhZYktHh7SvVVfdG3errh_ysj7zAMfVJN-&amp;s=1"></a></em><br /><em>If you want to bowl, but don't have a team, check out one of our Free Agent squads, where we'll help match you up with a team or partner. To get more details, visit: <a href=";h=pAQEJ0wbN&amp;enc=AZNvneZ4Ygvu4_AfnR4jGPHDzjF-3XsKshcJo2gGlGIyyQkjIkogFrK-jmc216C1IW6au9bWqrq4XFHxEiGpiJ9J_0dAtZ7KmyP_xXBUOcohcSqDsDa0u7xqfcBoPxrRXDXN_KwkWffmA6PFkauhU4Vb&amp;s=1"></a></em></p> <p>Off the top of my head, I&rsquo;ve been unable to think of any negative to extending the deadline.</p> <p>Obviously, other than perhaps some locals, I wouldn't expect&nbsp;many last minute registrants&nbsp;&mdash; the Open Championships isn&rsquo;t a spur-of-the-moment event. Most teams plan far in advance to get dates that work for their players, coordinate with companion teams, and make travel arrangements.</p> <p>But even if there were, who cares? The more the merrier. And the only one paying any price I can see is USBC staff who have to handle the teams.</p> <p>If I&rsquo;m missing something here, I&rsquo;m confident my readers will correct me.</p> <p><a href=";offset=0&amp;total_comments=18&amp;notif_t=feed_comment" target="_blank"><strong>This Facebook thread on my page contains some discussion on the topic</strong></a>.</p> Mon, 2 Mar 2015 19:00:00 -0600 7302 The 11th Frame: Matt Anderson grabs all-events lead with 2,261, Team ReVolutIon Bowling Pro Shop team lead with 3,551 at State Tournament <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Matt Anderson grabbed the all-events lead and Team ReVolutIon Bowling Pro Shop the team lead at at the Wisconsin State Bowling Association Championships &mdash; aka the State Tournament &mdash;&nbsp;over the weekend.</span></p> <p>Anderson fired 801 in team, 709 in doubles and 751 in singles for a 2,261 total that very well could be the winning score.</p> <p>The all-time State Tournament record is 2,345 by Jim Tollard in 2011.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Anderson came in with a 206 average and totaled more than 2,400 for handicap all-events.</span></p> <p>He said in a Facebook post that he recently made &ldquo;big changes to my game&rdquo; and switched to MOTIV equipment, using a JACKAL at State.</p> <p>&ldquo;I tried the OCTANE in a few fill balls but just rang the 10,&rdquo; he said in a message. &ldquo;Probably could have used the VENOM SHOCK but JACKAL was it.&rdquo;</p> <p>He said bowling that good &ldquo;was a dream for me. I was a small dairy farmer with my mom and dad for my whole life up until April 2013 (when) we sold out and about 20 days latter my mom died from blood clot in her lung. No signs at all. So bowling went on the side for a while - just couldn't get the want to do it. Getting my dad back into the game this year has helped. And with some advice from Jeff Taylor (of Ten Pin Alley pro shop) on my thumb pitch it's been a fun ride as of late. I drill my own stuff also so I can play around with stuff. I had a little help from my mom kicking out a few 10 pins.&rdquo;</p> <p>Jermey Wolfe reported on Facebook that &ldquo;after a disastrous minors event, Team ReVolutIon Bowling Pro Shop lit it up&rdquo; in team,&nbsp;totaling 3,551 on games of 1,242, 1,234 and 1,075.</p> <p>&ldquo;Lost some carry and had a few bad breaks last game, and fell behind the burn a bit,&rdquo; Wolfe posted.</p> <p>Derek Eoff led the team with 744 with the Storm CRUX PEARL, Matt Midlikowski added 741 with an old C-SYSTEM, Todd Fenske 713 with a Roto Grip WRECKER, Rick Volhard 679 with a Roto Grip HYPER CELL SKID, and Wolfe 674 with a Storm LUCID.</p> <p>Prior leaders were Dan Marks with 2,188 in all-events and Houge&rsquo;s 3 with 3,448 in team. Other leaders going into the weekend were Dave Gajewski and Tony Buss with 1,480 in doubles, Rob Milbrath with 805 in singles, and Towne &amp; Country Lanes No. 1 with 10,277 in team all-events.&nbsp;</p> <p>The leaderboard is <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>here</strong></a>.</p> <p><a style="line-height: 1.428571429;" href="../../../news/article/7286" target="_blank"><strong>Here is my last State Tournament blog with some details on the lane patterns at Super Bowl and Classic Lanes Fox Valley</strong></a><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">.</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 2 Mar 2015 04:00:00 -0600 7298 The 11th Frame: Todd Gille slams 825 with perfect game; Cheryl Erickson fires 704 <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Todd Gille slammed a perfect game in an 825 series and Cheryl Erickson fired a 704 to highlight Madison area bowling over the weekend.</span></p> <p>Competing in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes 3-Man League, Gille opened with games of 257 and 268 before closing with his ninth career 300 and third this season for his second career supernational.</p> <p>Erickson rolled games of 206, 289 and 209 in the Dream Lanes Opposites League.</p> <p>Next were Ray Nelson with 765 in the Prairie Lanes Survivors League and Theresa Elliott with 619 in the Village Lanes Pinheads League.</p> <p>Terry Dunn recorded a 752 in the Dream Opposites.</p> <p>The top scores in youth bowling were Chad Dempski&rsquo;s 724 (279-190-255) at Prairie and Meredith Holt with 673 at Dream.</p> <p>Next were Austin Stieren with 704 (208-230-266), Joey Miller with 701 (218-256-227) and Candace Kipp with 664 (217-211-236), all at Prairie.</p> <p>In the Storm Challenge League at Prairie Lanes on the 34-foot World Bowling Stockholm Sport pattern, the top scores were Tyler Sheehy with 707 (224-266-217) and Allison Dempski with 640 (258-213-169).</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> Sun, 1 Mar 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7300 The 11th Frame: Jackie Carbonetto mows down the men to win Frequency Bowling Tour Year-End tourney <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">On a day when the typically relatively soft 37-foot Kegel Broadway Challenge pattern played very tricky, Jackie Carbonetto mowed down all of the men to win the Frequency Bowling Tour Year-End tourney Sunday at Four Seasons Bowl in Freeport, Illinois.</span></p> <p>Broadway is similar to PBA Cheetah and typically offers straighter players &mdash; or power players using weak equipment like urethane &mdash; a chance to go straight up the outside and power players a chance to play a boomerang shot from around 10- to 15-board at the arrows out near the gutter.</p> <p>But on Sunday, Broadway was tricky from the start, with big differences lane to lane and a very wet/dry reaction that became both side-to-side and front-to-back as the heads dried up.</p> <p>The format was three games of qualifying that determined seeding for double-elimination match play like the USBC Masters.</p> <p>With 30 entries, the top two got a bye and they were Ryan Zagar at 702 and Carbonetto at 695.</p> <p>The remaining scores ranged from 682 to 475.</p> <p>Ultimately, the title match came down to an undefeated Carbonetto against Jason Buss, who had one loss and would have needed to defeat her twice. Carbonetto's 257 decided that in grand fashion.&nbsp;</p> <p>I left as they were starting the title match and will add FBT administrator Jonathan Schalow&rsquo;s blog with details when he posts it.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">First was $500 and second $325.</span></p> <p>If you don&rsquo;t know Carbonetto, she is one of the better young female bowlers in the country with a classic style that obviously served her well on Sunday.&nbsp;She and boyfriend Matt Gasn are with EBI and she used a couple of different EBI balls in playing a fairly direct line up the outside. She struck in the 10<sup>th</sup> to win more than one match and definitely was the best performer on Sunday.</p> <p>Here is what she posted on Facebook after her win: &ldquo;SO HAPPY!!! Just won my first adult title and became the first female winner on the Frequency Bowling Tour!!! I used a Columbia 300 Throw Down the first two games of qualifying and then switched to an Eruption Pro for every other game until the title match. I made a blind ball change the last game to the Ebonite Code of Honor and moved left to bowl 257 for the win - safe to say these Ebonite International products are being very good to me so far!!!! ‪#&lrm;TeamEBI ‪#&lrm;LetsBowl ‪#&lrm;EmergencyOrange ‪#&lrm;CodeOfHonor ‪#&lrm;BowlLikeAGirl ‪#&lrm;ViseInserts ‪#&lrm;KTTapeBowling &ldquo;</p> <p>She is hoping to bowl at least some of the 2015 PWBA Tour events.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">The tough conditions led to lots of interesting matches, including a 169-169 tie between Gail Myers Jr, and Ron Wallenkamp in the final six. Wallenkamp went spare and 6-count in the 10</span><sup>th</sup><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;"> and Myers then left a 4-10 and got one pin for the tie.</span></p> <p>Wallenkamp won the 9thand 10th frame roll-off with 49 when Myers couldn&rsquo;t strike out after opening with a spare.</p> <p>The other semifinalist was Bryan Bannach, who knocked me out in the final six 207-205.</p> <p>I rolled a mediocre 593 (204-209-180) in qualifying trying multiple balls and angles, finally settling on using just my middle finger and thumb going direct up about 5-board with a Storm ROCKET.</p> <p>In match play, I also tried a rough surface Roto Grip DISTURBED from a little deeper with the one-finger shot, as I edged host proprietor Jeff Johnson 202-200 and his son Evan Johnson 209-164 before Myers smoked me 245-210.</p> <p>Myers suggested I try my urethane Storm PITCH BLACK straight up the outside and I did that the rest of the way, beating Schalow 201-191 in a match we both deserved to lose and Kris Beach 232-168 before losing to Bannach.</p> <p>Double- and triple-elimination match play formats are a grind, but they are fun to bowl.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 1 Mar 2015 18:00:00 -0600 7299 The 11th Frame: Duane Kilts edges Ryan Schlueter for title of Cascade Lanes King of Pins 2–pattern tourney <p>Duane Kilts edged Ryan Schlueter 206-198 to win the Cascade Lanes King of Pins 2-pattern tournament on Saturday.</p> <p>The inaugural event at Cascade Lanes came about thanks to the efforts of proprietor Dave Pettera of the delightful 12-lane center in the small town about 25 miles southwest of Dubuque.</p> <p>He raised $1,000 in sponsorship money and deservedly hoped to fill the field at 48 entries. That only 32 bowlers showed up puzzled me, but I have little doubt the field will fill next year.</p> <p>This was a fun tournament at a fun little center with a great old-time atmosphere&nbsp;&mdash; and I mean that in a totally positive way. Cascade Lanes reminded me of the center Marc McDowell and I grew up at: Village Lanes in Monona, which grew from 12 to 20 to 24 lanes since we bowled bantam leagues there four decades ago. Cascade&rsquo;s lanes are wood but they are in decent shape for wood.</p> <p>Pettera cares deeply about making his tournament something the bowlers enjoy and will come back for. And he succeeded in my mind&nbsp;&mdash; I will be back next year unless something important keeps me from it.</p> <p>The format was three games of qualifying each on two Sport lane patterns: PBA Chameleon and PBA Scorpion, and then a 12-man match play bracket, with the top four getting a first-round bye.</p> <p>The 39-foot Chameleon (an old version) hooked a ton, but was nowhere near unplayable. I mostly used a shiny, high-pin Storm ROCKET throwing hard (by my Raisin standards) from 15-board at the arrows out to between 5 and 10 at the start, and from 20 out to about 10 by game three.</p> <p>There was plenty of swing if you threw it well and a touch of hold if you had the right angle, ball, release, etc.</p> <p>I crossed with Derek Sapp, who ultimately led qualifying, and Rob Aimers, who used everything from urethane playing fairly direct to strong Storm balls swinging from the left gutter.</p> <p>Sapp and I spent plenty of time recalling PBA Regionals bowled on wood lanes in years past, such as the&nbsp;now gone Laurel Lanes in Raytown, Missouri.</p> <p>I believe my total for the three games was 717 and I was leading after three, while 12<sup>th</sup> was 607.</p> <p>The 43-foot Scorpion (also an old version) was another matter entirely, with nowhere near the swing area as Chameleon and just as little hold. But there was a touch of reaction playing outside 10-board if you had a fairly direct angle like Shannon Buchan, and I was able to play there with some swing in my match using a shiny, high-pin HY-ROAD PEARL.&nbsp;</p> <p>Kilts, on the other hand, got way in during match play and used his power to shoot some big numbers.</p> <p>In the second block, I somehow started with a 234 and then struggled to games in the 190s and 170s to finish with&nbsp;1,324, which put me third behind Sapp at 1,340 and Matt Krueger at 1,335. Steve Beck got the other bye with 1,322.</p> <p>Sapp used power and speed to play a fairly direct line that I could only envy.</p> <p>The cut plunged to 1,166, falling each game.</p> <p>But Sapp was the only bowler with a bye who won a match, and he eventually fell in the semifinals 214-199 to Schlueter, who was the last qualifier.</p> <p>I got smoked by Craig Keith, who was a pin ahead of Schlueter&nbsp;but missed the pocket just once in swamping me 256-194. It was nice to bowl Craig as he is the cousin of my co-worker Jason McMahon at Capital Newspapers. Yes, it can be a small world.</p> <p>Kilts, who made the cut&nbsp;six pins ahead of Schlueter, eliminated Sapp 214-199 in the semifinals.</p> <p>Full match play results are in the picture with this story.</p> <p>First was $648, second $400, third and fourth $240, fifth through eighth $140, and ninth through 12<sup>th</sup> $80.</p> <p>The entry fee was $60, so Cascade took in $1,920 and paid out $2,408.</p> <p>And the chili dogs were excellent.</p> <p><a href="../../../news/article/7248" target="_blank"><strong>Here is my preview story</strong></a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sat, 28 Feb 2015 20:00:00 -0600 7297 The 11th Frame: Craig Wells fires 802 series <p>Craig Wells fired an 802 series to highlight Madison area bowling on Friday.</p> <p>Wells competed in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Tiger League.</p> <p>Kayla Klink led the women with 656, also in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Tiger.</p> <p>Brittany Pollentier, who slammed her first career 300 on Wednesday, as next with 620 in the Sport Bowl Friends League.</p> <p>Rick Festge was next for the men with 779 in the Dream Lanes Minor League.</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 757 by Rhett Roeth and 754 by Jeff Keller in the Dream Minor, and 750 by Chris Loret in the Sport Bowl Lions League.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 27 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7296 The 11th Frame: Boosted by handicap in semifinals, Indonesia’s Tannya Roumimper wins H.H. Emir Cup <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Some international tournaments allow women 8 pins of handicap per game when they compete with men, although they are allowed to turn down the pins.</span></p> <p>That is significant because in the international tournaments where a PBA Tour title is awarded if the event is won by a PBA member, taking the handicap makes the player ineligible for a PBA Tour title.</p> <p>This week&rsquo;s H.H. Emir Cup at Qatar Bowling Centre in Doha is one of those tournaments.</p> <p>And it was won by former Wichita State University star&nbsp;Tannya Roumimper&nbsp;of Indonesia, who took the 8 pins of handicap, which was the difference in her semifinal match.</p> <p>But the handicap didn&rsquo;t cost the international Storm staffer a PBA Tour title because she is not a PBA member.</p> <p>Roumimper&nbsp;defeated home country favorite Khaled Al-Dossari 516-430 in the 2-game total pinfall title match, according to <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this PBA news release</strong></a>.</p> <p>First was $25,000 and second $12,000.</p> <p>The handicap was the difference in the semifinals when she beat UAE&rsquo;s Naif Oqab 437-428.</p> <p>Top qualifier Danielle McEwan, a Team USA member who also took the handicap, was eliminated in the other semifinal &ldquo;Step 3&rdquo; match by Al-Dossari 441-405.</p> <p>For those who have an issue with the handicap, the bottom line is that every player knows the rules going in. In other words, if you are opposed to it, you don't have to enter.</p> <p>At the same time, if I was one of the top female pros who competed, I would feel kind of dirty taking the handicap. Women like Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson, Missy Parkin, etc. have proven they don't need handicap to beat their male counterparts.</p> <p><em>(This paragraph added for clarification.)</em> I do understand why they took the pins&nbsp;&mdash; World Bowling Tour points are at stake that qualify the top three&nbsp;for the World Bowling Tour finals during the World Series of Bowling&nbsp;&mdash;and I probably would do the same thing in those circumtances since&nbsp;other women in the tournament are taking the pins.</p> <p>PBA International-WBT competition continues with&nbsp;the Kingdom of Bahrain Open at Ozone Entertainment Centre in Manama, Bahrain, Monday through March 7, and the Brunswick Euro Challenge at Dream Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany, March 14-22.</p> <p>PBA fans can follow the action in Bahrain by visiting and in Munich by visiting</p> <p style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt; background: white;">&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt; background: white;"><strong><span style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: 'Tahoma','sans-serif'; color: black;">H.H. EMIR CUP</span></strong></p> <p><em>Qatar Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar</em><br /><em>Friday, Feb. 27</em></p> <p><strong style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Championship <br /></strong><em>(2 games, total pinfall; women entrants receive 8 handicap pins per game)<br /></em>f-Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia ($25,000) def. Khaled Al-Dossari, Qatar ($12,000), 516-430.</p> <p><strong style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Step 3 Final Standings<br /> </strong><em>(2 games, total pinfall; winners advance to Step 4 championship, losers earned $6,000)<br /></em>f-Roumimper def. Naif Oqab, United Arab Emirates, 437-427.<br />Al-Dossari def. f-Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y., 441-405.</p> <p><strong style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Step 2 Final Standings<br /> </strong><em>(after 6 games, top 4 advance to Step 3 semifinal round)<br /></em>1, f-McEwan, 1,368.<br />2, f-Roumimper, 1,362.<br />3, Oqab, 1,333.<br />4, Al-Dossari, 1,306.<br />5, Osku Palermaa, Finland, 1,302, $2,700.<br />6, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 1,276, $2,700.<br />7, Andres Gomez, Colombia, 1,273, $2,700.<br />8, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 1,258, $2,700.<br />9, f-Cherie Tan, Singapore, 1,257, $2,300.<br />10, Jason Belmonte, Australia, 1,254, $2,300.<br />11, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 1,249, $2,300.<br />12, f-Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, Calif., 1,244, $2,300.<br />13, Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 1,240, $2,100.<br />14, Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 1,236, $2,100.<br />15, Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, 1,219, $2,100.<br />16, Martin Larsen, Sweden, 1,149, $2,100.<br /><em>f-denotes female competitors who receive 8 handicap pins per game in addition to actual pinfall totals</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 27 Feb 2015 12:00:00 -0600 7295 The 11th Frame: Brittany Pollentier fires 1st career perfect game in 739 series; Rob Hamilton, LeRoy Smith also reach perfection <p>Brittany Pollentier fired a perfect game in a 739 series and Rob Hamilton and LeRoy Smith also slammed 300 games to highlight Madison area bowling late Wednesday and Thursday.</p> <p>Competing in the Dream Lanes Major League, Pollentier opened with games of 191 and 248 before finally reaching perfection &mdash; yes, I was among many stunned to learn it was Pollentier&rsquo;s first 300.</p> <p>Here is what she posted on Facebook: &ldquo;Took far longer than it should have, but I finally shot 300 last night!!&rdquo;</p> <p>The 739 was at least her 14<sup>th</sup> 700 of the season, far more than any other Madison area woman has rolled this season. And she has been shooting so many big scores for so long, that I just assumed she had recorded at least one&nbsp;300 at some point.</p> <p>Hamilton&rsquo;s seventh career 300 came in a 758 series and also was in the Dream Major.</p> <p>Smith&rsquo;s 300 came in a 723 in the Ten Pin Alley Thunder League.</p> <p>Three men fell a shot shy of perfection: Bruce Bryan with a 299 in a 774 in the MARBA League at Dream, Nick Cleaver with a 299 in a 691 in the Ten Pin Thunder, and Darin Powers with a 296 in a 756 in the Spartan Bowl Metro League.</p> <p>Scott LaCoursiere had the high series with 786 in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes OM Fine Products League, edging Dick Kalnicky&rsquo;s 785 in the MARBA at Badger Bowler.</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 777 by Dale Chlebowski and 775 by Rob Ladik in the Prairie Lanes Classic League; 768 by Scott Bockhop in the Riviera Classic;&nbsp;764 by Brent Ritchie, 763 by Scott Erickson and 755 by Terry Dunn in the Dream Major; 759 by Dean Davenport in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s St. James League; and 750 by Bob Tepper in the Waun-A-Bowl Thundercats League.</p> <p>Jackie Smith was second for the women with 693 in the Riviera Bowl Classic League, edging the 692 of Carrie Saeger in the Ten Pin High Balls League.</p> <p>Doris Anderson rolled 682 in the Bowl-A-Vard OM Fine Products.</p> <p>Derek Eoff made a run at another perfect game en route to a 738 and Jacob Thomas fired a 709 to lead the Ten Pin Bullseye Masters League on the Kegel Turnpike Sport pattern. The fairly flat and low volume 41-foot pattern is just 2.25-1 with 21 mL of oil.</p> <p>That means plenty of hook, and a pattern that opens up quickly, providing swing area, but little to no hold. And with some serious skid outside 5-board there have been more than a few headpin misses, and even the occasional 3-count and even gutterball.</p> <p>Eoff opened with a game in the 260s and then nine strikes the second game before leaving a brutal blower 7-pin on his first shot of the 10<sup>th</sup>.</p> <p>With my slower ball speed and the low volume and huge transitions on Turnpike, I have struggled this round and Thursday was no exception as I sandwiched a game in the 160s between 220-plus and 200-plus efforts.</p> <p>We competed on 31-32 and 32 was its usual ridiculous hooking self, so that by the end of the night I was crossing inside 20 at the arrows, while I was barely inside 15 on lane 31. My balls of choice were an old Storm T-ROAD PEARL and SHIFT, both shiny with high pins.</p> <p>The first round was on the Kegel Route 66 challenge pattern, a&nbsp;45-foot pattern that&nbsp;is not quite&nbsp;Sport compliant&nbsp;but is much flatter than the typical house shot. And the second round was on the 35-foot PBA Cheetah Sport pattern.</p> <p>The Bullseye Masters will compete on the 2015 USBC Open Championships patterns in the playoffs</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7294 The 11th Frame: H.H. Emir Cup field down to 16 <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Wes Malott averaged 226.17 over six games on Thursday to lead 10 players advancing to Friday&rsquo;s final rounds of the H.H. Emir Cup at Qatar Bowling Centre in Doha, PBA reported in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this news release</strong></a>.</span></p> <p>Thursday&rsquo;s top 10 will join preliminary qualifying leaders Yousif Falah of Bahrain, Team USA member Danielle McEwan, Mika Koivuniemi of Finland, Cherie Tan of Singapore, Sean Rash and Martin Larsen of Sweden.</p> <p>After the six-game Step 2 round Friday, the top four will advance to a two-game total pinfall semifinal round, with the two winners meeting in a 2-game title match.</p> <p>The H.H. Emir Cup is a PBA International-World Bowling Tour event with a first prize of $25,000. The winner&nbsp;&mdash; if he is a PBA member&nbsp;&mdash; will earn a PBA Tour title.</p> <p>None of the women who advanced are eligible for PBA title consideration because they are receiving eight handicap pins per game under tournament rules.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>H.H. EMIR CUP</strong><br /><em>Qatar Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar<br />Wednesday, Feb. 25</em></p> <p><strong>Step One Final Standings</strong> <br /><em>(after 6 games, top 10 advance to Step Two on Friday)</em><br />1, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 1,357.<br />2, Andres Gomez, Colombia, 1,324.<br />3, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 1,318.<br />4 (tie), Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, and f-Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 1,309.<br />6, Jason Belmonte, Australia, 1,306.<br />7, Osku Palermaa, Finland, 1,305.<br />8, Naif Oqab, UAE, 1,280.<br />9, Khaled Al-Dossari , Qatar, 1,277.<br />10, f-Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, Calif., 1,252.<br /><strong>Failed to Advance <br /></strong><em>(listed by final finishing position)</em><br />17, Yousef Al-Jaber, Qatar, 1,239, $1,800.<br />18, Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., 1,238, $1,800.<br />19, Mansour Al-Hajri, Qatar, 1,237, $1,800.<br />20 (tie), Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., and Bill O'Neill, Langhorne, Pa., 1,227, $1,800.<br />22, Salem Al Hajras, Kuwait, 1,196, 1,300.<br />23, Tim Mack, Indianapolis, 1,188, $1,300.<br />24, Bader Al-Deyab, Qatar, 1,186, $1,300.<br />25, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 1,177, $1,300.<br />26, Ghanim Aboujassoum, Qatar, 1,161, $1,300.<br />27, Mohammed Al-Merekhi, Qatar, 1,150, $1,300.<br />28, f-New Hui Fen, Singapore, 1,137, $1,300.<br />29, Yaqoub Al Shatti, Kuwait, 1,122, $1,300.<br />30, f-Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 1,121, $1,300.<br />31, Hazeem Al-Muraikhi, Qatar, 1,100, $1,300.<br />32, Tom Sorce, Charlottesville, Va., 1,081, $1,300.<br /><em>f-denotes female competitors who receive 8 handicap pins per game in addition to actual pinfall totals.</em><br /> <br /><strong>FRIDAY&rsquo;S SCHEDULE</strong><br /><strong>Step 2 Finals:</strong> Qualifiers 1-6 (Yousif Falah, Bahrain; f- Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y.; Mika Koivuniemi, Finland; f- Cherie Tan, Singapore; Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill.; Martin Larsen, Sweden) plus top 10 from Step 1, 6 games (no carryover pins); top 4 advance to Step 3 Finals<br /><strong>Step 3 Finals (Semifinal Round):</strong> No. 1 Qualifier vs. No. 4 Qualifier, No. 2 Qualifier vs. No. 3 Qualifier; two games, total pinfall.<br /><strong>Step 4 Finals (Championship):</strong> Two Step 3 Finals winners, two games, total pinfall.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 11:00:00 -0600 7248 The 11th Frame: Cascade Lanes near Dubuque hosting scratch tourney Feb. 28 with $1,000 sponsorship <p>For years on my way from Wisconsin to tournaments to the west in place likes Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Council Bluffs and Kansas City, I drove past Cascade Lanes on old Highway 151 in Cascade, Iowa.</p> <p>It always made me smile because it made me think of some of the small, old-time centers I competed in while growing up.&nbsp;</p> <p>I never did stop in and eventually the new 4-lane 151 bypassed Cascade.</p> <p>Then Facebook came along and the proprietor of Cascade, Dave Pettera, contacted me and invited me to stop in on a trip past Cascade.</p> <p>I still haven't done that, but I will travel to Cascade Lanes on Saturday, Feb. 28 for a tournament Pettera&nbsp;is hosting. Pettera&nbsp;has been sincere in trying to make it a great tournament, asking lots of questions about what bowlers want, what widely admired GIBA administrator Joe Engelkes does, etc.&nbsp;</p> <p>The 12-lane center&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">just off Highway 151 between Dubuque and Cedar Rapids has raised $1,000 in sponsor money for the King of Pins a scratch singles tournament. The main sponsor is 7G Distributing LLC.</span></p> <p>The King of Pins will feature a $60 entry fee ($18 for lineage and $42 to the prize fund), $1,000 first prize and 1-in-3 cashing ratio with a maximum field of 48 bowlers at 4 on a pair for the one squad at 11 a.m.</p> <p>The tournament will be contested on the PBA Chameleon and Scorpion lane patterns&nbsp;&mdash; three games on Chameleon and then three games on Scorpion, with match play on the Scorpion burn. Cascade's lanes are wood so keep that in mind in making your ball choices.</p> <p>Because Cascade only has 12 lanes, the maximum number of finalists for bracket match play will be 12 with the top four getting one bye. However, with a 1-in-3 cashing ratio, 16 players still will cash with 48 entries.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Pettera said he had more than 30 bowlers signed up as of Friday afternoon so he expected close to a full field.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">I plan to be there and hope the tourney fills.&nbsp;</span></p> <p>For more information and to reserve a spot, call Cascade at 563-852-3133.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">&nbsp;</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 08:00:00 -0600 7292 The 11th Frame: Mary Lo blasts women’s season-high 789 <p>Mary Lo blasted a Madison area women&rsquo;s season-high 789 series to highlight local bowling on Wednesday.</p> <p>Lo, who competed in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Mixed Nuts League,&nbsp;posted this on Facebook after firing her second 700 of the season: &ldquo;I just bowled 279-288-222 for 789! Thank you Jeff Taylor and Gregg A. Goldstein for my new STORM ROCKET!!!&rdquo;</p> <p>Rachel Zimmer had the prior season-high with 784 (290-257-237) on Jan. 16 in the Village Lanes Pinheads League.</p> <p>Three men fell a shot shy of perfection: Matt Gannon with a 299 in a Wednesday-high 791 in the Bowl-A-Vard Mixed Nuts, Shawn Anderson with a 299 in a 724 in the Oregon Bowl Community League, and Jason Fabian with a 296 in a 731 in the Prairie Lanes Men&rsquo;s Rec League.</p> <p>The second-highest series on Wednesday were 789 by Cody Pechan in the Oregon Bowl Community, and 690 by Theresa Frosch in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Happy Hour Rollers League.</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 769 by Andy Winn in the Bowl-A-Vard Mixed Nuts, 762 by Dick Thomas in the Sport Bowl All-Stars League, 758 by Jay Thysse and 754 by Joe Sirianni in the MARBA League at Dream Lanes, 756 by Kyle Ramsden in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Happy Hour Rollers, and 750 by Nate Sime in the Viking Lanes Classic League.</p> <p>Other women&rsquo;s series of 650 or higher were 657 by Addie Darga in the Badger Bowl Badger Meyers League and 654 by Brenda Hemstead in the Bowl-A-Vard Mixed Nuts.&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 25 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7293 The 11th Frame: H.H. Emir Cup in Qatar down to 32 <p>Led by Bahrain&rsquo;s Yousif Falah, the H.H. Emir Cup at Qatar Bowling Centre was cut to 32 players on Wednesday in Doha, PBA reported in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this news release</strong></a>.</p> <p>Falah averaged 229.59 over 16 games of qualifying. Five other bowlers advanced to the Step 2 Finals on Friday: Team USA member Danielle McEwan, Mika Koivuniemi of Finland, Cherie Tan of Singapore, Sean Rash and Martin Larsen of Sweden.</p> <p>The other 26 qualifiers&nbsp;&mdash; including two Qatar youth bowlers, two Qatar adults who finished outside the top 24, and four players who advanced out of the one-game last-chance &ldquo;desperado&rdquo; squad&nbsp;&mdash; will drop all qualifying pins and bowl a 6-game Step 1 Finals round Thursday. The top 10 from Step 1 will join the top six in the Step 2 Finals.</p> <p>The top four then will advance to a two-game total pinfall semifinal round, with the two winners meeting in a 2-game title match.</p> <p>The H.H. Emir Cup is a PBA International-World Bowling Tour event with a first prize of $25,000. The winner&nbsp;&mdash; if he is a PBA member&nbsp;&mdash; will earn a PBA Tour title.</p> <p>None of the six women who advanced to the Step Finals are eligible for PBA title consideration because they are receiving eight handicap pins per game under tournament rules.</p> <p>Tom Hess of Urbandale, Iowa got the last&nbsp;qualifying spot with a 256 final game.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>H.H. EMIR CUP</strong><br /><em>Qatar Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar</em><br /><em>Wednesday, Feb. 25</em></p> <p><strong>Final Qualifying Standings </strong><br /><em>(12 games; top 6 advance to Step 2 Round)</em><br />1, Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 2,755. <br />2, f- Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y., 2,704.<br />3, Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, 2,651. <br />4, f- Cherie Tan, Singapore, 2,627.<br />5, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 2,610.<br />6, Martin Larsen, Sweden, 2,600.<br /><strong>Positions top 7-24 </strong><br /><em>(advance to Step 1 Round)</em><br />7, f-New Hui Fen, Singapore, 2,598. <br />8, Osku Palermaa, Finland, 2,585. <br />9, Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., 2,577.<br />10, Bill O'Neill, Langhorne, Pa., 2.566.<br />11, Naif Oqab, UAE, 2,563.<br />12, f-Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, Calif. 2,556.<br />13, f-Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J. 2,553. <br />14, Salem Al Hajras, Kuwait, 2,549. <br />15, Jason Belmonte, Australia, 2,545.<br />16, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 2,537.<br />17, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 2,531.<br />18, Andres Gomez, Colombia, 2,531.<br />19, f-Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 2,524.<br />20, Ghanim Aboujassoum, Qatar, 2,519.<br />21, Hazeem Al-Muraikhi, Qatar, 2,517.<br />22, Mansour Al-Hajri, Qatar, 2,511.<br />23, Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,511.<br />24, Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 2,504. <br /><strong>Positions 25-26: Top 2 Qatari Youth bowlers advance to Step 1 Finals</strong><br />25, Bader Al-Deyab, Qatar, 2,392.<br />26, Mohammed Al-Merekhi, Qatar, 2,273. <br /><strong>Positions 27-28: Top 2 Qataris outside top 24 advance to Step 1 Finals</strong><br />27, Yousef Al-Jaber, Qatar, 2,495.<br />28, Khaled Al-Dossari , Qatar, 2.451.<br /><strong>Positions 29-32: Desperado Squad <br /></strong><em>(1 game, top 4 advance to Step 1 Finals)</em><br />29, Yaqoub Al Shatti, Kuwait, 289. <br />30, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 245.<br />31, Tom Sorce, Charlottesville, Va., 242.<br />32, Tim Mack, Indianapolis, 237.</p> <p><em>f-denotes female competitors who receive 8 handicap pins per game in addition to actual pinfall totals</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 25 Feb 2015 22:00:00 -0600 7291 The 11th Frame: Mark Allen fires 812-300, Kristy Werronen slams 760, Kerry Henriksen also reaches perfection <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Mark Allen fired a perfect game in an 812 series, Kristy Werronen slammed a 760 series,&nbsp;and Kerry Henriksen also rolled a perfect game to highlight Madison area bowling on Tuesday.</span></p> <p>Competing in the Dream Lanes All-Star Classic League, Allen opened with his 18<sup>th</sup> career 300, then added games of 289 and 223 for 812.</p> <p>Werronen chained games of 269, 268 and 223 in the Village Lanes All-Star Co-Ed Classic League.</p> <p>Henriksen&rsquo;s 300 came in a 730 in the Oregon Bowl Odds &lsquo;en Ends League.</p> <p>Dale Block fell a pin shy of perfection with a 299 game in a 679 series in the Spartan Bowl Datex Ohmeda Men&rsquo;s League.</p> <p>Scott Schultz was second-high on Tuesday with 776 in the Dream Early Men&rsquo;s League,</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 773 by Rick Post &mdash; his career high &mdash; and 760 by Craig Zirbel in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Sportsmen&rsquo;s League, 772 by Tim Herrington in the Rude&rsquo;s Lanes Suburban League, 760 by Matt Ruhland in the Ten Pin Alley Fifth Quarter League, 756 by Darcy Hauge Jr. in the Bowl-A-Vard Merchants League, and 750 by Jim Fosdick in the Dream All-Star Classic.</p> <p>Carol Lemke was second for the women with&nbsp;669 in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Sunshine League, followed by Danie Schulz&nbsp;with 647 in the Ten Pin Fifth Quarter.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> Tue, 24 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7290 The 11th Frame: Anthony Bisco, Larry Beranek, Ryan Anderson, Roy Bauer, Ricky Thaden fire perfect games <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Anthony Bisco, Larry Beranek, Ryan Anderson, Roy Bauer and Ricky Thaden all fired perfect games to highlight Madison area bowling on Monday.</span></p> <p>Bisco&rsquo;s fifth career 300 came in a 768 series in the Dream Lanes Suburban Merchants League.</p> <p>Beranek&rsquo;s second 300 of the season came in a 733 in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Good Neighbor League.</p> <p>Anderson&rsquo;s eighth career 300 came in a 709 in the Spartan Bowl Major League.</p> <p>Bauer&rsquo;s second career 300 came in a 697 in the MARBA League at Dream Lanes.</p> <p>Thaden&rsquo;s fourth career 300 came in a 695 in the Riviera Bowl Special League.</p> <p>Matt Hamen had the high series on Monday with a 773 in the Prairie Lanes Major League.</p> <p>Keith Sorenson rolled a 760 in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Big Eight League.</p> <p>Addie Darga was high for the women with 630 in the Ten Pin Alley First Ladies League.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> Mon, 23 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7289 The 11th Frame: Rolltech now has exclusive technology deal with PBA <p>If you&rsquo;ve followed the PBA in recent months, you have seen advanced statistics like these being reported by PBA:</p> <p><em>During the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling VI, the PBA worked with Rolltech to record unique frame-by-frame, ball-by-ball statistics for the 14 qualifying games. Here&rsquo;s a look at some of the stats for the five TV finalists, as reported by PBA:</em></p> <p><em>&mdash;&nbsp;While the 240-player World Series field struck on only 51.20% of its strike attempts (37,846 strikes on 73,916 attempts), all five World Championship finalists out-performed the field by a significant margin. The strike leader was Williams, who struck on 205 of 319 attempts (64.26%), followed by Russell (62.85%, 198 of 315), Malott (62.26%, 198 of 318), Book (61.20%, 194 of 317) and Fagan (59.94%, 190 of 317).</em></p> <p><em>During the individual animal pattern qualifying rounds, the field struck at a 57.92% rate on the 35-foot Cheetah pattern, 49.93% on the 37-foot Viper pattern, 49.25% on the 41-foot Scorpion pattern and 49.01% on the 39-foot Chameleon pattern.</em></p> <p><em>&mdash;&nbsp;Spare percentage: Malott was the best overall in spare conversion, making 105 of 119 attempts (88.24%), followed by Russell (84.96%, 96 of 113), Fagan (83.33%, 100 of 120), Book (78.07%, 89 of 114) and Williams (71.43%, 75 of 105). The field converted on 73.04% of its attempts (24,826 of 33,991).</em></p> <p><em>During qualifying, the field converted 74.99% of its spare attempts on the Scorpion, 73.48% on the Chameleon, 73.16% on the Cheetah and 71.84% on the Viper.</em></p> <p><em>&mdash;&nbsp;Single pin spare conversions: Malott made 98.80% of his single-pin spare attempts (82 of 83), followed closely by Fagan (98.44%, 63 of 64). Book made 96.67% (58 of 60), Russell 94.44% (68 of 72) and Williams 93.65% (59 of 63). The field&rsquo;s success rate was 92.67% (15,818 of 17,070 attempts).</em></p> <p><em>The field fared the best with a 94.12% single-pin conversion rate on the Chameleon followed by 93.22% on the Viper, 93.02% on the Scorpion and 91.67% on the Cheetah.</em></p> <p><em>&mdash;&nbsp;Multi-pin spare conversions: Russell led in multi-pin spares (92.59%, 25 of 27) followed by Malott (86.96%, 20 of 23), Fagan (84.62%, 33 of 39), Book (76.32%, 29 of 38), and Williams (69.57%, 16 of 23). The field made 74.08%, converting on 8,105 of 10,941 attempts.</em></p> <p><em>The field was most successful in multi-pin spare conversions on the Scorpion pattern (76.14%) followed by 75.33% on the Cheetah, 73.68% on the Chameleon and 73.23% on the Viper.</em></p> <p><em>&mdash;&nbsp;Splits took their toll on the field, as expected. Overall, the field left 6,566 splits and converted only 993 times (a 15.12% success rate). The conversion rate was best in the Chameleon qualifying (16.34%) followed by 14.49% in the Viper round, 15.30% in the Scorpion round and 13.06% in the Cheetah round.</em></p> <p>Those come courtesy of Rolltech, which has&nbsp;been working with the PBA to provide enhanced live scoring and statistical data for PBA Tour events over the past two years, and now has been named the PBA&rsquo;s exclusive provider of mobile and web applications related to tracking individual, league and event bowling scores and statistics as well as connecting bowlers for real-life borderless competition.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">The announcement came in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this news release</strong></a> Monday.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">&ldquo;At Rolltech, bowling is our life,&rdquo; founder and CEO Rich Belsky said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>the release</strong></a>. &ldquo;Rolltech is a work of passion and a work in progress. We set out to find an easier way for bowlers to connect with the sport and improve by using detailed statistics based on how they perform. Our journey has been long and arduous, but we're proud of the tool we've created, and we&rsquo;re extremely excited to work with the PBA in showcasing how Rolltech can work for casual and league bowlers as well as the world&rsquo;s most skilled professionals.&rdquo;</span></p> <p>Using the automatic scoring systems at PBA Tour events, Rolltech is able to provide precise frame-by-frame live scoring and statistical analysis.</p> <p>&ldquo;The PBA has worked closely with Rolltech to develop an entirely new level of insight into the sport by tracking statistics that we&rsquo;ve never seen before,&rdquo; PBA Commissioner Tom Clark said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>the release</strong></a>. &ldquo;With Rolltech&rsquo;s assistance, we&rsquo;re helping our fans better understand the intricate aspects of our sport.&rdquo;</p> <p>Rolltech is currently in use in more than 2,500 bowling centers in 36 countries.</p> <p>I'm a bowling junkie so I find the stats compiled by Rolltech to be very interesting. I wonder the level of interest casual fans have, though.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:00:00 -0600 7275 The 11th Frame: Please join us for the 3rd annual 2-pattern Riggs Classic April 4 at Badger Bowl <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">The third annual 2-pattern Riggs Classic is set for Saturday, April 4 (the day before Easter) at 11 a.m. at Badger Bowl.</span></p> <p>The tournament was conceived by the great folks at Badger Pro Shop after I talked up the challenge of two-pattern tournaments.</p> <p><a href="../../../news/article/6602" target="_blank"><strong>Nathan Michalowski won last year&rsquo;s tournament</strong></a>, which featured each pair with the 36-foot, 26mL WTBA Team USA Los Angeles pattern on the left lanes and the 47-foot, 21.55 mL WTBA Team USA Paris pattern on the right lanes.</p> <p><a href="../../../news/article/5813" target="_blank"><strong>Tony Oliva won the inaugural tournament</strong></a>, which featured three games of qualifying on two Kegel Challenge patterns, the 37-foot Broadway and 45-foot Route 66, followed by a stepladder finals with Broadway on the left lane and Route 66 on the right lane.</p> <p>For this year&rsquo;s tournament, each pair will feature a long&nbsp;pattern on the left lanes and a short pattern on the right lanes. We have decided to use the 34-foot World Bowling Stockholm pattern and Mike Flanagan&rsquo;s 44-foot pattern from 2014. Both are attached at the end of this blog as PDFs.</p> <p>Plans are to use the pattern at the Open in August, although it may be modified slightly as Cherry Lanes in Dubuque has a Brunswick lane machine. That makes the Riggs Classic a perfect warm-up for the Open.</p> <p>As soon as we firm up the pattern plans, I will update this blog.</p> <p>The format again will be 6 games with the top five advancing to a stepladder finals.</p> <p>If there are 40 or more entries the fifth spot will be determined by a 4-man bracket in which the fifth and eight qualifiers bowl a 1-game match, the sixth and seven qualifers bowl a 1-game match, and the winners meet in a 1-game match for that fifth stepladder spot.</p> <p>The entry fee is $40 and first will pay $600 based on 48 entries with a 1-in-5 cash ratio.</p> <p>Youth bowlers can compete, with any winnings paid to SMART accounts.</p> <p>For reservations, contact Badger Pro Shop at 608-577-2695 or&nbsp;<a href=""><strong>;</strong></a>or&nbsp;<a href=";ref=br_tf" target="_blank"><strong>its Facebook page</strong></a>.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>For those bowling in multi-patter tournaments, here is a primer from USBC</strong></a>.</p> Mon, 23 Feb 2015 08:00:00 -0600 6828 The 11th Frame: Sean Yonan Memorial weekend of tournaments set for March 20-22 in Sheboygan <p><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.428571429;">The Sean Yonan Memorial weekend of youth and adult &nbsp;tournaments will be March 20-22 Lakeshore and Maple Sheboygan, Trevor Yonan announced.</span></p> <p>The Baker event is Friday, the youth events are Saturday and Sunday, and the second annual Sean Yonan Memorial Scratch Open is Sunday.</p> <p>The flyers have been released and the PDFs are attached to the bottom of this blog.</p> <p>Yonan said the formats will be the same as 2014 so for detail, read my blog in advance of 2014 <a href="../../../news/article/6253" target="_blank"><strong>here</strong></a>.</p> <p>The events honor Sean Yonan, who died from complications of a severe asthma attack on Feb. 14, 1995. More than $100,000 in scholarships have been given away in the past nine years.</p> <p>For more information, contact tournament director Keith Yonan at&nbsp;<a href=""><strong></strong></a>&nbsp;or 920-980-4752, or Trevor Yonan at&nbsp;<a href=""><strong></strong></a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 23 Feb 2015 07:00:00 -0600 7284 The 11th Frame: Gayle Seltzner fires 702 to highlight weekend scoring <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Gayle Seltzner fired a 702 series to highlight Madison area bowling over the weekend.</span></p> <p>Seltzner chained games of 226, 238 and 238 in the Prairie Lanes Twiliters League.</p> <p>Casey Gibney led men&rsquo;s scoring with 789 in the Viking Lanes Specials League.</p> <p>Next were Kayla Klink with 674 in the Ten Pin Alley Hangover League, Don Grossen with 752 in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Jesters League and Jim Sullivan with 752 in the Dream Lanes Early Birds League, while&nbsp;Bill Seltzner rolled 750 in the Prairie Twiliters.</p> <p>The top scores in youth bowling were 753 by Kasey Horwath at Dream and 645 (237-213-195) by Kari Kipp at Prairie.</p> <p>Next were Axel Gaarder with 711 at Schwoegler&rsquo;s, Chad Dempski with 710 (237-227-246) and Allison Dempski with 610 (186-233-191), both at Prairie.</p> <p>In the Prairie Storm Challenge League on the 45-foot World Bowling Tokyo Sport pattern, the top scores were Tyler Sheehy&rsquo;s 682 and Alex Bandli&rsquo;s 672 for boys, and Allison Dempski&rsquo;s 627 (211-169-247) and Taylor Knudtson&rsquo;s 609 (223-204-182) for girls.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 22 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7285 The 11th Frame: Parker Bohn III edges Ronnie Russell in emotional PBA Players Championship title match <p><a href=""><span style="color: #333333; line-height: 1.428571429;">The casual fan watching Sunday&rsquo;s stepladder finals of the PBA Players Championship on ESPN probably thought it was a great show with close matches, &nbsp;a sudden-death title match and plenty of emotion.</span></a></p> <p>But I doubt they got all the emotions.</p> <p>Setting aside the added pressure and emotion of today&rsquo;s PBA Tour with its limited opportunities and money compared to even just a few years ago, think what was on the minds of title match participants Parker Bohn III and Ronnie Russell.</p> <p>Bohn is a senior player now, so he obviously knows every chance he gets for a PBA Tour title could be his last. And he&rsquo;s also left-handed, which carries with it so much added weight. &nbsp;</p> <p>I never felt sorry for lefties for most of my career, as I experienced plenty of times where they had a huge advantage. But I always acknowledged they had it tough in the respect that they had the added pressure of needing to take advantage of when they had the advantage because there were times when they were at a huge disadvantage.</p> <p>(Of course, it mattered little to me when I was on the PBA Tour in the 1980s because the best lefties like Bohn were so much better than me they usually beat me even when the right had the advantage!)</p> <p>But in recent years, I&rsquo;ve come to feel sorry for the lefties as their times at a disadvanatge have grown thanks to more powerful bowlers and more powerful balls opening up the right side and torching the heads on the left.</p> <p>As I posted on Facebook in what became a giant and interesting thread during&nbsp; the Tournament of Champions, it seems like bowling has become more unfair over time with lefties only seeming to have a solid chance when the lanes are soft.</p> <p>Then there&rsquo;s Russell, who has been the hottest bowler in the world this side of Jason Belmonte for nearly a year now.</p> <p>For all that success &mdash; numerous TV shows and a televised 300 &mdash; he has won just one title in that time.</p> <p>Add in the fact that Russell is an Indiana native and the TV finals of the Players Championship were held at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis.</p> <p>Then mix in the circumstances of the show: Russell edging Tom Daugherty in the semifinals when he goes strike, 10-pin and spare in the 10<sup>th</sup> frame and Daugherty does the same when a double would have given him the win, and then Bohn winning a wild title match.</p> <p>Is it any wonder both showed so much emotion after Russell&rsquo;s 10-pin gave Bohn a 20-19 win in the roll-off after they had tied at 227 when Russell left a 10-pin on his second shot &nbsp;in the 10<sup>th</sup> when a double would have given him the win?</p> <p>Even knowing the result in advance, I was glued to the screen as it played out.</p> <p>Bohn opened the title match with a pocket 7-10 to strike on nine of his next 11 shots and twice in the roll-off as he never missed the pocket from an extreme outside line.</p> <p>It was the Hall of Famer&rsquo;s 34<sup>th</sup> career PBA Tour title, tying him with Mark Roth for fifth all-time.</p> <p>&ldquo;I was only 16 when I met Mark Roth,&rdquo; Bohn said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this PBA news release</strong></a>, &ldquo;and I had no idea I&rsquo;d be standing here tied with him with 34 titles. He obviously got there much faster than I did, but when you think about Roth, he single-handedly revolutionized the sport. Anyone who hooks the ball today does it because of what Mark did in the late 1960s and &lsquo;70s. I couldn&rsquo;t be happier to share this distinction with him.&rdquo;</p> <p><a href=""><span style="color: #333333; line-height: 1.428571429;">Roth, who was in Indianapolis for the anniversary TOC weekend, said in </span></a><a style="line-height: 1.428571429;" href="" target="_blank"><strong>the PBA release</strong></a><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">&nbsp;that &ldquo;It was just a matter of time before Parker caught up with me. We went about it in different ways, but it couldn&rsquo;t have been a nicer guy to do it.&rdquo;</span></p> <p><a href=""><span style="color: #333333; line-height: 1.428571429;">Walter Ray Williams Jr. lead with 47 titles, followed by Earl Anthony with 43, and Norm Duke and Pete Weber with 37 heading into Sunday&rsquo;s TV finals of the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship in which Duke and Wes Malott are the top seeds.</span></a></p> <p>&ldquo;I&rsquo;ve been coming to Woodland Bowl for 34 years, and I don&rsquo;t have a championship banner hanging up here,&rdquo; Bohn said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>the PBA release</strong></a>&nbsp;of the bowling center&rsquo;s tradition of recognizing its past champions. &ldquo;I&rsquo;ve been assured that after tonight, my banner will be hanging up here.&rdquo;</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Russell will have to wait for his banner &mdash; and his third PBA Tour title.</span></p> <p>&ldquo;This is the second time I&rsquo;ve finished second at Woodland,&rdquo; Russell said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>the PBA release</strong></a>. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s heartbreaking.&rdquo;</p> <p>Daugherty opened the stepladder with a 225-212 victory over Duke and then a 245-227 win over Jason Belmonte, who was trying for a record-tying third straight win to go with his wins in the USBC Masters and Tournament of Champions, though the quirkiness of the PBA schedule might have made that somewhat controversial.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="../../../news/article/7221" target="_blank"><strong>Here was my blog after the stepladder field was set</strong></a>.</p> <p><strong>PBA PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP</strong></p> <p>Woodland Bowl, Indianapolis&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Final Standings:&nbsp;</strong>1, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., $25,000. 2, Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., $13,000. 3, Tom Daugherty, Tampa, Fla., $11,000. 4, Jason Belmonte, Australia, $10,000. 5, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., $9,000.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Stepladder Results:</strong>&nbsp;Match One &ndash; Daugherty def. Duke, 225-212. Match Two &ndash; Daugherty def. Belmonte, 245-227. Semifinal Match &ndash; Russell def. Daugherty, 216-214. Championship &ndash; Bohn def. Russell, 237-237, 10-10, 10-9 in one-ball sudden-death roll-off.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 22 Feb 2015 20:00:00 -0600 7287 The 11th Frame: Troy Fuller beats Shannon Buchan in roll-off to win GIBA Blake Lobdell Memorial <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">In a thrilling championship match that went to a sudden death roll-off, Troy Fuller beat Shannon Buchan to win the Greater Iowa Bowling Association season-ending Blake Lobdell Memorial Tournament at Cedar Rapids Bowling Center on Sunday.</span></p> <p>GIBA administrator Joe Engelkes reported that Fuller and Buchan tied at 238 and Fuller won the roll-off 60-39, with Shannon leaving a 4-9 in the 9<sup>th</sup> of the 9<sup>th</sup> and 10<sup>th</sup> frame roll-off.</p> <p>Fuller could have won the match in regulation if he doubled in the 10th frame, but he left a ring 10 on his second shot. That gave Shannon a chance to win by one if he stuck out, but he got two strikes and then left a weak 10-pin on his final shot for the tie.</p> <p>The Engelkes were headed on vacation Monday and the full results of the tournament will be posted at the <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>GIBA website</strong></a> after they return. They also may be posted at the <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>GIBA Facebook page</strong></a>.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">The tournament drew 60 bowlers for competition on the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships pattern.</span></p> <p>The cut to the top five stepladder finals after the eight games of qualifying was about 1,860 and last cash 20<sup>th</sup> place was about 1,720.</p> <p>Those of us who bowled in <a href="../../../news/article/7283" target="_blank"><strong>Saturday&rsquo;s Madison Area Scratch Tour event at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes</strong></a>, which used the same pattern, &nbsp;had a few chuckles about how different it played with different lanes surfaces and lane machines.</p> <p>There was a ton more hook on CRBC&rsquo;s AMF HPL lanes, and they opened up fairly quickly.</p> <p>After my pathetic performance Saturday, I also brought two more strong balls &mdash; a low-pin Storm MARVEL-S and a Roto Grip HYPER CELL &mdash; that I didn't have with me on Saturday.</p> <p>The &nbsp;MARVEL-S was my ball of choice at the start on Sunday and got me 243-207-259 the first three games, starting fairly direct around 10-board and migrating closer to 15 with some swing.</p> <p>I wanted to change to my Roto Grip HYPER CELL SKID to start game four but didn&rsquo;t and rolled a killer 186 that featured nine pocket shots with no doubles and one bad shot that split. Not trusting my gut instinct is something I rarely do and it cost me dearly.</p> <p>Going with the SKID and then a Storm ROCKET, I rolled 237 and 233 in games four and five to put me in contention for the ladder with a strong finish.</p> <p>Then we moved to the end pair and lane 30 beat me up with a missed head-pin and spare, a 2-pin &nbsp;and flag, a bucket and flag, a ball change to the MARVEL-S and 2-4-5 and spare, and then finally a strike in the 9<sup>th</sup> frame. Meanwhile, I rolled six strikes in seven shots on lane 29 with my ROCKET for a non-stellar 181.</p> <p>A clean 216 the last game with my Storm CRUX PEARL crossing about 20 at the arrows got me mediocre cash in 13<sup>th</sup> place at 1,762.</p> <p>Give me 220s in my two bad games and I am near the stepladder, but a bad ball choice the one game and a failure to adjust to an extreme &nbsp;lane the other were killers on a day scores were fairly high.</p> <p>The GIBA schedule for 2015-16 should be out this summer, but you already should put one date in your calendar: the first Fusion Realtors Open will be Sept. 12-13 at Maple Lanes in Waterloo, Iowa.</p> Sun, 22 Feb 2015 18:00:00 -0600 7286 The 11th Frame: Former Midwest PBA laneman Rory Holland gives State Tournament report after firing 2,101 all-events <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">I&rsquo;ve been amazed at the number of requests I have gotten for information on the lane conditions at the Wisconsin State Bowling Association Championships &mdash; aka the State Tournament.</span></p> <p>Perhaps it&rsquo;s because the WSBA isn&rsquo;t using a named pattern and hasn&rsquo;t released much information. WSBA Executive Director Don Hildebrand did say team center Super Bowl would be 41 feet with 26.95 mL of oil and about a 6-1 ratio, while minors center Classic Lanes Fox Valley would be about the same with slightly more oil.</p> <p>For the record, I will say it again: If it were up to me, I would post the exact patterns on the WSBA website and post the tape readings done each day at the sites on the walls of the check-in rooms.</p> <p>That would help head off any of the predictable complaining from some when big scores are shot about how the shot they bowled on was different.</p> <p>But the bottom line is that it&rsquo;s the State Tournament &mdash; the shot is basically the same every year, with lane surface being the major variable.</p> <p>If you want to win, bring your striking shoes and draw a good pair. When it comes to selecting equipment, I don&rsquo;t bring any &ldquo;defensive&rdquo; balls drilled for control on tough patterns &mdash; I bring my aggressive, striking stuff. The only goal we have at State is to win titles (and have fun), and defensive balls won't win titles.</p> <p><a style="line-height: 1.428571429;" href="../../../news/article/7252" target="_blank"><strong>I did post a blog here with a report from Madison Bowling Association member Dan Marks, who took the early all-events lead with 2,188</strong></a><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">.</span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Other leaders through Feb. 16&nbsp;in the 113</span><sup>th</sup><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">&nbsp;annual State Tournament are Houge&rsquo;s 3 with 3,448 in team, Dave Gajewski and Tony Buss with 1,480 in doubles, Rob Milbrath with 805 in singles, and Towne &amp; Country Lanes No. 1 with 10,277 in team all-events.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">The leaderboard is <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>here</strong></a>.</span></p> <p>Over the weekend, former Midwest PBA laneman Rory Holland fired 2,101 all-events and provided this report on Facebook:<br /><em><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">2101 at WI State (DST) 685-692-724. It is nice the see the renovated Classic Fox Valley Lanes and Super Bowl looked great as always. I noticed the different lane machines at each house. "Biggest challenge" is matching up to the The conditions appear fair and looks as though you can play where ever you are comfortable.<br /></span>In minors I was on 21-22 and I would say it 'acts' as the perceived 'tighter' high side. I was actually surprised how tight, given that I heard people throwing HyRoads and Shatters hooking third arrow and scoring big. I do not think that would have been possible on our pair. I settled on a DV8 Thug Unruly (45x5x30) at about the box finish. I tried other equipment in practice, but had the wrong surface prep on it, and really did not want to hassle trying to change surfaces during practice. Nevertheless, I never really saw a lot of transition, because of the bowlers I was crossing with. This will NOT likely be the same transition ANYONE else would see. The 'newest' ball other than mine was a Yeti Unleashed and the next closest was an AMF Whip, two other guys were throwing house balls and the rest were in between those.</em><br /><em>Team was on 3-4, seemed about the 'same', but the ball motion was a little different, and in fact better with the same ball (Thug Unruly). Backends were more defined than D&amp;S. Same transition scenario as above. Was fairly locked in and I finished the second game with the last 9 (277) and started the last game with the front six. But another bowler on our pair had an issue with the approach, stuck and fell down the other lane, and when he walked back he stepped in many peoples slide and approach area. I was able to salvage the game, despite two opens on the oil approached lane (5 count split and then a missed ten pin), but doubled in the tenth for 222 which led to a 724 series.</em><br /><em>This is only food for thought and I was only seeing the transition of myself. I watched the start of the next squad for team and saw multiple angles being played depending on your revs, ball speed, etc. While this is not quite a Jeff Richgels type of review, it is the best I can come up with.</em></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">I will have my review out after we bowl March 14-15, which could be a big weekend as Motion Plus Lanes also is bowling that weekend on different squads from us, I hear.</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 22 Feb 2015 18:00:00 -0600 7283 The 11th Frame: Mike Steil wins MAST tournament at Bowl-A-Vard over 75-bowler field <p>Mike Steil beat Mike Hoffman 269-210 in the title match to win the Madison Area Scratch Tour title at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes on Saturday, MAST reported.</p> <p>It was Steil&rsquo;s second MAST title.</p> <p>First was $670 and second $370 in the 75-bowler field, the biggest turnout for a singles event in more than 10 years. Steil, a Storm staffer who lives in the Chicago area and is on the comeback trail from bad wrist problems, also won $140 in the Bet To Win pot.</p> <p>The tournament was contested on the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships team pattern.</p> <p>Jacob Thomas led qualifying with 969 for four games and the 16<sup>th</sup> place cut score for the survivor format finals was 891. Three more bowlers cashed with 19<sup>th</sup> at 874.</p> <p>Derek Eoff had the lone honor score of the day, with a perfect game to open qualifying.</p> <p>Full results will be posted <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>here</strong></a> soon.</p> <p>Steil posted this on Facebook: "Decided to go bowl the MAST tournament in Wisconsin today. Made it to the top 4 where I needed to strike out to advance to the title match. Was very nervous.....but I DID it!! Bowled against Mike Hoffman for the title.<br />WINNER!! For my 2nd MAST title!!!<br />Thanks for the people who ran this tournament always a job well done!<br />Thanks to Storm for giving me the opportunity to throw the best equipment!!"</p> <p>And Hoffman posted this: "Good day on the lanes yesterday, finished 2nd!!!! Congrats to Tina Mike Steil, fun to bowl with you again!!!! Ruckus Feud and Brunswick Mastermind got me to the finals. ‪#&lrm;TeamBrunswick‬"</p> <p>I totaled a weak 786 for qualifying with three games in the 190s and a 211. I went through several balls with mostly the same result: shots that didn't hit strong enough, resulting in many weak 10-pins, pocket 7-10s, light 7s, etc. Bowl-A-Vard recently got a new lane machine and the pattern played much tighter than it did in Reno last year, and that was too much for this Raisin.</p> <p>If you know the power of Eoff's game, this says it all: He shot his 300 the first game playing almost straight up just to the right of 10-board with a Storm CRUX PEARL. It was as straight as I have ever seen Derek play.</p> <p>Badger Pro Shop, Phoenix Pro Shop, and Bowl-A-Vard Lanes sponsored the tournament. Badger Pro Shop gave a DV8 HOOLIGAN at cost to the drawing while Phoenix Pro Shop provided two Storm shirts. Bowl-A-Vard added four $10 gift cards and a reduced lineage price. In total, this added $330 to the prize fund.</p> <p>The ball was won by Lauren Sammel, the shirts by Thomas Rodgers and Joe Janz, and the cards by Theresa Holmes, Chris Pounders, Mark Gutkowske, and Andy Bunkoske.</p> <p>The next MAST tournament will be at Spartan Bowl in McFarland on Sunday, March 8th at 11:30 a.m.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sat, 21 Feb 2015 20:00:00 -0600 7282 The 11th Frame: Dane Wilson’s 790, Cher Breunig’s 669 top Friday scoring <p>Dane Wilson fired a 790 and Cher Breunig slammed a 669 to top Friday scoring in the Madison area.</p> <p>Wilson competed in the Dream Lanes Moonlight League and Breunig in the Prairie Lanes Couples League.</p> <p>Next were Dale Chlebowski&rsquo;s 777 in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Three-Man League and Lisa Steckelberg&rsquo;s 649 in the Dream Vegas Baby League.</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 769 by Casey Gibney and 766 by Willie Feltz in the Bowl-A-Vard Three-Man, 758 by Ryan Spindler in the Ten Pin Alley Couples League, 752 by Jim Fosdick in the Dream Industrial Nite, and 750 by Darin Johnson in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Tiger League.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> Fri, 20 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600 7279 The 11th Frame: Hakim Emmanuel fires 1st 900 series in Massachusetts; had never before rolled a perfect game <p>Hakim Emmanuel fired the first 900 series in Massachusetts history on Thursday night, according to reports on Facebook and <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Rich Vogel&rsquo;s blog here</strong></a>.</p> <p>Vogel reported that the right-handed Emmanuel used a Hammer VIBE INFRARED XR in his 900 in the Thursday Night Patriots league on lanes 47-48 at Westgate Lanes in Brockton. Emmanuel came into the night with a 217 average.</p> <p>Vogel said Emmanuel told him he &ldquo;was standing on the 30 board looking third arrow. He said all he was thinking about was throwing three good shots in the 30th frame.&rdquo;</p> <p>Emmanuel posted this on his Facebook page: "Truly amazing feat and so humbled by the experience .. Thanks to ‪#&lrm;Hammer‬ ‪#&lrm;Nothinghitsharderthanahammer‬ ‪#&lrm;Strike‬ FX Pro Shops"</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Here is video of the Emmanuel&rsquo;s final three strikes taken by Jason Sherwood</strong></a>.</p> <p>Emmanuel had never before rolled a perfect game or 800 series, according to <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this story</strong></a> on the website of the local paper, The Enterprise.</p> <p>How remarkable is that?! It's one thing to have never rolled an 800 &mdash; Amos Gordon had not before his 900 last year &mdash; but a totally different thing to have never rolled a perfect game and then to roll three straight in one league session!</p> <p>For some perspective on how much scoring has changed, when I rolled 221-300-300 in league in October 1985 (with a BLACK HAMMER)&nbsp;I was the <em>22nd person ever</em> with sanctioned back-to-back 300s &mdash; now there are more 900s than that!</p> <p><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;K&quot;}"><span class="UFICommentBody" data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0.$end:0:$0:0">That doesn't detract from what an amazing achievement 900 is and any hating on the 900 shooters is stupid. It's incredible to carry 36 strikes in a row. Period.</span></span></span></span></p> <p><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;K&quot;}"><span class="UFICommentBody" data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0.$end:0:$0:0">The most I've had&nbsp;from the start of a session was 15 ... and then I left a solid 8-pin LOL!</span></span></span></span></p> <p><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;K&quot;}"><span class="UFICommentBody" data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0"><span data-reactid=".1g.1:3:1:$comment10204743307837057_10204744828195065:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1:$comment-body.0.0.$end:0:$4:0">My longest strike string ever was 28, and that came with a YELLOW DOT across three pairs in a tournament in 1982.&nbsp;Don't think I moved my feet more than a couple boards the entire time.</span></span></span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">Emmanuel told the USBC&nbsp;his palms were sweaty and his bowling ball felt heavier than ever in the first 300, but it was nothing compared to the nerves he felt two games later when he found himself on the verge of 900.</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">"I've gotten close before, but I've never gotten that elusive 300,"&nbsp;Emmanuel, whose previous high game in USBC-certified competition was 290 on two occasions, said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>this USBC news&nbsp;release</strong></a>. "The first one last night was one of those moments I'll never forget. After that, I just told myself to stay in the game and stay focused.</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">"Toward the end of the second 300, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if it was real and if I could do it again. People stopped bowling as I entered the 10th frame of the last game, and I just reminded myself that I'd made it that far, so throw another good shot and see what happens."</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">Emmanuel told USBC he has improved nearly 20 pins in average since last season and attributes that to the help and pro shop guidance of&nbsp;Alex Aguiar, one of the country's best non-PBA members,&nbsp;and the staff at Strike F/X Pro Shops as well as countless hours watching the sport's top bowlers on various live-streaming outlets.</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">"I've always stayed in the game and always wanted to excel," Emmanuel said in <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>the release</strong></a>. "This is a feeling that's incredible and something I may never feel again. It was so surreal, and I had to pinch myself to believe it was true. I'm still speechless."</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;"><span style="color: #000000;"><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Here is an interview with Emmanuel on The Bowlers Show</strong></a>.</span></span></p> <p>Pending certification, it would be the 27th USBC-approved 900.</p> <p>Of course, the prior 26 include two by Robert Mushtare that are widely doubted in the bowling world, and do not include Hall of Famer Glenn Allison&rsquo;s 900 shot with a polyester YELLOW DOT in 1982 that is widely considered to be the &ldquo;best&rdquo; 900 of all time.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>USBC-approved 900 series</strong> <br />Jeremy Sonnenfeld (R), Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 2, 1997<br />Tony Roventini (L), Greenfield, Wis., Nov. 9, 1998<br />Vince Wood (R), Moreno Valley, Calif., Sept, 29, 1999<br />Robby Portalatin (L), Jackson, Mich., Dec. 28, 2000<br />James Hylton (R), Salem, Ore., May 2, 2001<br />Jeff Campbell II (R), New Castle, Pa., June 12, 2004<br />Darin Pomije (R), New Prague, Minn., Dec. 9, 2004<br />Robert Mushtare (R), Fort Drum, N.Y., Dec. 5, 2005 and Feb. 19, 2006<br />Lonnie Billiter Jr. (R), Fairfield, Ohio, Feb. 13, 2006<br />Mark Wukoman (R), Greenfield, Wis., April 22, 2006<br />P.J. Giesfeldt (R), Milwaukee, Dec. 23, 2006<br />Rich Jerome Jr. (R), Baltimore, Dec. 22, 2008<br />Chris Aker (L), Winnemucca, Nev., Oct. 30, 2009<br />Andrew Teall (R), Medford, N.J., Nov. 2, 2009<br />Andrew Mank (R), Bellevue Ill., March 18, 2010<br />William Howell III (L), Middletown, N.Y., Oct. 21, 2010<br />Matt Latarski (R), Medina, Ohio, Nov. 28, 2010<br />Bob Kammer Jr. (R), Crown Point, Ind., Jan. 8, 2011<br />John Martorella Sr. (R), Greece, N.Y., April 12, 2012<br />Jimmy Schmitzer (R), Riverside, Calif., April 20, 2012<br />James Williams (R), Pawcatuck, Conn., (bowled in Wakefield, R.I.), April 16, 2013<br />Joe Scarborough (R), Charlotte, N.C., (bowled in The Villages, Fla.), April 21, 2013<br />Todd James (R), East New Market, Md., (bowled in Laurel, Del.), March 18, 2014<br />Amos Gordon (R), Colorado Springs, Colo., April 11, 2014<br />Earon Vollmar (R), Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 19, 2015<br />Hakim Emmanuel (R), Brockton, Mass., Feb. 19, 2015**<br /><em>**Pending formal approval by the United States Bowling Congress</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 20 Feb 2015 04:00:00 -0600 7280 The 11th Frame: Scott Erickson, Brian Cameron slam perfect games <p><span style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Scott Erickson and Brian Cameron slammed perfect games to highlight Madison area bowling late Wednesday and Thursday.</span></p> <p>Erickson&rsquo;s eighth career 300 came in a 765 series in the Dream Lanes Major League.</p> <p>Erickson posted this on Facebook: &ldquo;Bowling first for me last night...300 using a diff ball on each alley... Couple of Utah Brothers from diff Mothers....IQ Fusion and the timeless Berserk.&rdquo;</p> <p>Cameron&rsquo;s 300 came in a 638 in the Oregon Bowl Three-Man League.</p> <p>Two men fell a shot shy of perfection: Ron Vosberg with a 299 in a 751 in the Viking Lanes Badger League and Bob Tepper with a 297 in a 744 in the Waun-A-Bowl Thundercats League.</p> <p>Todd Poole had the top series with a 779 in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s St. James League, edging the 778 of Tom Franklin in the Oregon Bowl Three-Man.</p> <p>Other men&rsquo;s series of 750 or higher were 775 by Matt Midlikowski in the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Wally Warner League, 765 by Mark Allen and 758 by Nate Sime in the Village Lanes Golfers League, 759 by Rick Munz in the Prairie Lanes Eight-ball League, and 750 by Jon O&rsquo;Konek in the Waun-A-Bowl Beagle&rsquo;s Classic League.</p> <p>Brittany Pollentier led women&rsquo;s scoring with a 660 in the Dream Major.</p> <p>Kayla Klink was next with 611 in the Schwoegler&rsquo;s Towne Gypsies.</p> <p>CHris Gibbons led the Ten Pin Alley Bullseye Masters League on the 41-foot Kegel Turnpike Sport pattern with 686. Don Dudley was next with 664.</p> <p><em>Source: scores reported to Wisconsin State Journal.</em></p> Thu, 19 Feb 2015 23:55:00 -0600