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Jeff Richgels has been a member of the Storm Products staff since 1996.
"I was offered an exclusive Ebonite contract in late 1995 but turned down that offer because I was uncomfortable limiting myself at that time," Richgels says. "Storm offered me a non-exclusive deal just after that and I signed on. As Storm expanded its line of balls the contract became exclusive in 1998 and I have thrown nothing but Storm since. I've won four of my five USBC Eagles and 14 of my 30 PBA titles since signing with Storm and I hope to be a Storm staffer for life. I believe the best way to judge the value of bowling balls is what choices PBA Tour free agents make, since they are bowling for a living and can throw whatever they want. Storm and Roto-Grip have dominated the PBA Tour free agent market in recent years."
#StormNation #OwnIt
Jeff Richgels has had a long association with Turbo 2-N-1 Grips, most notably through his USBC Open Championships teams that now are under the 11thFrame.com banner but were under the Turbo 2-N-1 Grips banner for many years.
"I've used Turbo finger and thumb grips for so long, I can't remember when I switched," Richgels says. "It was at least 20 years ago. I do know that since switching I've never considered using anything else. And believe me, after three wrist operations I am one of the pickiest people around when it comes to grip."
Jeff Richgels joined the staff of Logo Infusion in September 2016.
"I became a fan of Logo Infusion when they did a tremendous job in a tight time frame with jerseys for our 11thFrame.com teams in 2015," Richgels says. "Brandon Allred, Logo's brand manager and marketing director, was great to work with and the staff turned out what I think is a great looking jersey that was designed by my girlfriend Susie 'Fever' Dyhr. My admiration for the company grew when I got to tour the Logo Infusion factory in Las Vegas during USBC Convention week in April. When the company offered me a contract, it was an instant decision to say yes."