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Footnotes at bottom.

(n) Signifies that player was not a PWBA member at time of win, post-2015 events are not recognized by PWBA as official titles

(L) Tournament conducted by Ladies Professional Bowlers Association (LPBA)
(T) Tournament conducted by Ladies Touring Players Association (LTPA)
(W) Tournament conducted by Women's Professional Bowling Association (WPBA)

(a) Stepladder finals were contested on 5/26 in Las Vegas, NV
(b) Stepladder finals were contested on 6/26 in Green Bay, WI
(c) Stepladder finals were contested on 8/7 in Addison, IL
(d) Stepladder finals were contested on 5/23 in Baton Rouge, LA
(e) Stepladder finals were contested on 6/25 in Green Bay, WI
(f) Stepladder finals were contested on 8/6 in Plano, TX

For standard events that did not use stepladder finals, the following formats were generally used:
1960-1968: Total pinfall, no match play or bonus pins
1969-1977: Qualifier (ranging from 18-24 games), top 16 (1969-1972) or 18 (1973-1977) advance to match play, qualifying pins not carried over
1978-1982: 18 game qualifier, top 24 advance to match play with qualifying pins carried over
Cambridge/Merit/Phillip Morris Mixed Doubles: 16 games qualifying, 24 games match play (1989), 48 games match play (1990), 32 games match play (1991, 1993-1995, 1997-1998), 28 games match play (1996)
Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles: 20 game combined total (12 games qualifying, 8 games match play)

BPAA All-Star: Petersen points after 24 games (1949), 32 games (1950-1961)
World's Invitational: Petersen points after 32 games (1957-1959), 48 games (1960-1964)
Queens: 1961-1975, 1987 finals had 4 game series, 1998-1999, 2004-2006 had 2 single game matches as top seed needed to be defeated twice

Names of main professional tours
1960-1977: Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA)
1978-1980: Women's Professional Bowling Association (WPBA)
1981-1997: Ladies Professional Bowling Tour (LPBT)
1998-2003, 2015-present: Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA)