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PWBA Rooke of the Year

2019 Valerie Bercier
2018 Jordan Richard
2017 Daria Pajak
2016 New Hui Fen
2015 Stefanie Johnson
2002 Sabrina Duncan
2001 Kelly Kulick
2000 Cara Honeychurch
1999 Tiffany Stanbrough
1998 Jody Ellis
1997 Lisa Bishop
1996 Liz Johnson
1995 Krissy Stewart
1994 Tammy Turner
1993 Kathy Edwards (Zielke)
1992 Marianne DiRupo
1991 Kim Kahrman (Adler)
1990 Debbie McMullen
1989 Kim Terrell
1988 Mary Martha Cerniglia
1987 Paula Drake
1986 Wendy Macpherson
1985 Dede Davidson
1984 Paula Vidad
1983 Anne Marie Pike (Duggan)
1982 Carol Norman
1981 Cindy Mason

From 1978-1980, the WPBA (Women's Professional Bowlers Association) recognized a Rookie of the Year, which is not part of the PWBA's lineage. Recipients were: Toni Gillard (1978), Nikki Gianulias (1979), Lisa Rathgeber (Wagner) (1980)
From 1983-2002, Bowling Digest magazine presented a Woman Rookie of the Year award, winners were the same as the LPBT/PWBA version with two exceptions: Leanne Barrette (1987, bowled on rival LTPA tour) and Chele Schirmer (2002)