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The 11th Frame: Susie Minshew’s new book ‘The Chamber of Bowling Secrets’ now available

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, May 7, 2018 4:00 am

“The Chamber of Bowling Secrets,” the latest book by United States Bowling Congress gold level coach bowling coach Susie Minshew, now is available.

Minshew recently posted this on Facebook:
“I'm soooo excited to announce that on May 4th I'm launching my third book, The Chamber of Bowling Secrets. As a Muggle, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I've thrown in all the magic, mythbusting, spellbinding stuff I could think of to help you improve your game. You can pre-order now!”

Here is the news release on the book:

Strikeability LLC is proud to announce another great book for bowlers and bowling enthusiasts by United States Bowling Congress Gold Coach Susie Minshew. Her third bowling book is titled The Chamber of Bowling Secrets. It follows the very successful launch of her first two books in 2013 – The Bowling Whisperer and Whoever Finds It First, Wins!
When it comes to coaching and understanding bowling, Minshew offers an approach that is unique and delightful for players of all levels. Susie has an uncanny ability to make complex concepts seem simple and easy to understand through her incredible communication skills and clever sense of humor.
In each chapter of this new book, readers learn about Minshew’s Seven Secrets of Success, the No Matter Whats, the sometimes Silly Language of Bowling, a Secret Weapon Every Bowler Already Has, Bowling Myths that Challenge the Truth, and much, much more.
Legendary Jason Belmonte is a colleague and fan of Coach Minshew and wrote the Foreword for the new book. “I have known Coach Susie for more than a decade,” said Belmonte. “I've enjoyed our collaboration during clinics and have been astonished at some of the things she says. What I mean is I am astonished at the WAY she says things. She is clever and funny and has a way of getting you to see things differently. Susie explains mysteries, dispels myths, and shares lots of magic with you in The Chamber of Bowling Secrets."
Team England Head Coach and USBC Gold Coach Andy Penny had this to say: “In her previous books, Susie has proven to be the Wizardess of jargon busting. This book is no different. She has used her magic dust to once again bring us an easy read and mixed a powerful potion to help us have fun while we are learning. This book is a great way to break the spell and unlock the mysteries of bowling. I can't wait to get it in the hands of my students.”
In a recent interview, Minshew said, “I'm thrilled to release The Chamber of Bowling Secrets. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and there are so many things in bowling that either are a Magic Wand or need one, I couldn't resist. The book is chock full of tips, secrets, and mythbusting that put the bowler in the fast lane to improvement.”
The Chamber of Bowling Secrets is available starting Friday May 4 through Strikeability.com for only $24.99 and is also available in a Kindle version.
About Strikeability: Strikeability LLC is a coaching company focused on helping the everyday bowler become an extraordinary player.