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Stephanie Lo, 15, fires perfect game; Ken Chavez slams first supernational

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, January 18, 2021 6:00 pm

Stephanie Lo, 15, fired a perfect game and Ken Chavez slammed his first supernational to highlight recent individual certified play in the Madison Area USBC.

Lo’s first career 300 came in the Badgerland Youth Bowlers Tour at Prairie Lanes. Here is video of her final strike.

Hannah Yelk holds the record for youngest girl to record a 300 in the Madison Area USBC, rolling her first at age 14 in January 2014.

Mary Lo said in a message that her daughter was using a Roto Grip MVP Pearl.

Mary, meanwhile, rolled 712 (234-233-245) using a Storm PHAZE II and CRUX PRIME.

Chavez chained games of 258, 280 and 265 for 803 for his first 800 series.

The top women's series were a pair of 737s by Christine Smith with games of 255, 266 and 216, and Yelk.

Kristy Werronen just missed a 700 with 693.

Four men rolled perfect games.

Here is video of the close of Rick Erce’s 37th 300.

Here is video of the close of Shawn Mitchell’s 14th 300.

Dale Chlebowski fired a 300, and Jason Miller slammed his third 300 in a 706 series in the Riviera Bowl Men’s Classic League.

Near misses included a 796 series by Bradley Thompson, a 791 by Rory Holland, 299 games by Bill Smith and Austin Minor, and a 296 by Jeff Smith.

Also at Riviera Bowl, the Kingpin team in the Monday Night Special League set a house record with a 3,600 team series, as Ricky Thaden led with 779, Tony Thaden added 774, Brian Schafer 761, Mike Thaden 670 and Clint Ramsey 616.

These scores come from reports to me, Facebook reports or scores printed in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Anyone who has any honor scores to report can send them to me at help@11thframe.com.