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Curtis Bohler blasts 874, coming within a 10-pin of breaking Dan Swenson’s Madison Area USBC record 878

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 5:00 pm
Curtis Bohler blasts 874, coming within a 10-pin of breaking Dan Swenson’s Madison Area USBC record 878
Curtis Bohler, left, blasted an 874, and teammate Dude Young, right, slammed an 805 in the Riviera Bowl Monday Night Special League. Photo by Dennis Breunig.

For the second time in less than three weeks, Dan Swenson’s Madison Area USBC record 878 series was in danger of being beaten in the final frame of a player’s league session.

On Jan. 29, Chris Pollentier fired 876 (300-279-297) at Middleton Sport Bowl, leaving a 3-4-6 on his final shot, as I detailed in this story.

In this week’s session of the Riviera Bowl Monday Night Special League, Curtis Bohler fired 874 (287-298-289) using a Roto Grip HECTIC, Dennis Breunig reported.

According to Breunig:

Bohler started his first game with 10 strikes, then left a 6-10 and chopped the 6 off the 10.

Bohler started his second game with 11 strikes, then left the 6-10 again.

Bohler started his third game with 10 strikes, left a 10-pin and spared it.

In addition to nearly knocking off Swenson, Bohler set the Riviera Bowl house record, topping the 847 (300-280-267) Danny Walsh rolled on March 10, 2018.

The 874 is the fourth-highest series in Madison Area USBC history, with Jim Fosdick's 877 (298-279-300) at Dream Lanes on Dec. 29, 2010 a pin ahead of Pollentier in second.

Also in the Monday Night Special and on the same team, Dude Young recorded an 805 (269-278-258). Young had an 808 earlier this season.

Breunig later made this post on Facebook:
“Bowlin’ at the Riv
Try to imagine what it takes to bowl an 874 series. In this case it was a total of 31 strikes out of a possible 36 with the first and third games each starting with 10 strikes whereas the middle game started with 11. Last evening, Curtis Bohler, bowling anchor for the Weaver’s Auto Parts team and averaging 224 going into the night’s competition, did just that with games of 287, 298 and 289 for his first ever super national score. His 874 bested the previous Riviera Bowl record of 847 set by Danny Walsh on Mar 10th, 2018 on games of 300, 280 and 267 in the Spares & Strikes Forever Couples League. Curtis commented later that he felt this fete completed a trifecta for him – in that it fit right in with his sole 300 game which he rolled on Nov 14th, 2011 and the 7 – 10 split he converted – don’t really remember the date, but I saw it.
At the same time Curtis was hammering the pocket all three games, his teammate, Dude Young, bowling in the #4 hole, also hit a super national score with an 805 set on games of 269, 278 and 258 for his second 800 series of the season which was an 808 on Oct 26th, 2020 with games of 229, 279 and 300.
As I watched these two bowl, I marveled at the consistency and accuracy of every ball they rolled. It was pure joy to be able to witness last night’s event and one that, in all likelihood, will never be duplicated.
Until next time, keep striking”