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High scores produce all-major-champion stepladder finals for 2021 PBA Tournament of Champions: Anthony Simonsen, Jason Belmonte, Jesper Svensson, Sean Rash, Francois Lavoie

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Friday, February 26, 2021 9:00 pm
The stepladder finalists for the 2021 PBA Tournament of Champions, left to right and in order from first to fifth: Anthony Simonsen, Jason Belmonte, Jesper Svensson, Sean Rash and Francois Lavoie. Photo by Pro Bowlers Association.
There were more than a few people who spent time this week on social media complaining about the high scoring pace — some even absurdly used the term “house shot” — at the 2021 KIA PBA Tournament of Champions at Bowlero Jupiter in southeastern Florida. As I wrote this week, I think the conditions should be tougher when a major championship title is at stake, but the scoring pace isn’t just about the 2021 Don Johnson 40 lane pattern, as a key factor is the...