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Landon Kelling, 15, fires perfect game; Donald Benner slams 845, Mary Lo 726

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, March 29, 2021 7:00 am
Donald Benner after shooting 845 at Ten Pin Alley. Photo from Donald Benner.

Not counting Bob Richardson’s Madison Area USBC record 879 series I detailed in this story, 15-year-old Landon Kelling fired his first career perfect game, and Donald Benner slammed 845 and Mary Lo 726 to highlight the past week of individual certified play in the Madison Area USBC.

Here is video of the close of Kelling’s 300, which came at Ten Pin Alley with a Roto Grip IDOL.

Benner’s 845 came on games of 280, 278 and 287) at Ten Pin Alley. The lefty had a chance to finish with a 300 for 858, but came high on the second shot his 10th frame and left a 4-6 split, as seen in this video.

Benner, who was subbing, later made this Facebook post:
"Well that was fun tonight. Cody Roedner said he needed a sub and I'm on bachelor duty so I figured sure, I'll go bowl. Struck a ton all night for 280-278-287 for 845!
This season has been a real unique one. Started the season off with a brand new grip from Mo Pinel, allowing me to use way less grip pressure. As Mo told me the day we drilled the first ball, "Go up there and stare at your feet and do NOT squeeze the ball. If you do, you WILL hit yourself in the forehead". And he wasn't wrong.
It's been a slower transition this season than I wanted to adjust physical game issues after a decade of squeezing the ball to death. Paul and Danny have been helping me a ton and the message every week has been "progress", despite not being able to score. Special credit to Danny for a recent grip pressure trigger that has definitely made a difference.
Threw the Ebonite Aero all 3 games with a special layout (10x5.25x50) from Paul and Mo to help balance the response off the friction but still read the lane.
I feel if Mo was here today, I'd get a great job and then a quiz on why the core dynamics of that ball helped me tonight.
On to the next one!"

Lo continued her hot scoring this season with games of 248, 245 and 233 using a Roto Grip RUBICON.

“I haven’t had this much success for this long with any one ball that I can remember,” she said in a message.

Also at Ten Pin, Seth Pollentier recorded 814 (248-289-277), Noah Brindley 795, Kevin Kleutgen 791, and Taylor Foertsch 692.

Dream Lanes has been the site of numerous recent honor scores, including Todd Gille 814 (300-279-235), Aaron Turner 811, Chris Gibbons 804 (278-257-269), Herb Kimpel 806-300, Dan Swenson 794-300, Kevin Thompson 785-300, Tez Stevenson 781-300, and Mark Allen 766-300.

In addition, Kimpel rolled a 299 in a 778, and Lauren Sammel fired a 685.

Here is the close of Stevenson’s 300, which was his second.

These scores come from reports to me, Facebook reports or scores printed in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Anyone who has any honor scores to report can send them to me at [email protected].