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Cody Roedner fires 824, Brittany Pollentier edges Mary Lo 731-730 to lead Madison area bowling

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, April 19, 2021 2:00 pm

Cody Roedner fired an 824 and Brittany Pollentier edged Mary Lo 731-730 to highlight another big scoring week of individual certified play in the Madison Area USBC as the COVID-19 pandemic decimated 2020-21 season heads to a close.

Roedner, a MOTIV staffer, chained games of 246, 300 and 278 at Ten Pin Alley. Here is video of the close of his 300 and here is video of the close of his 824.

He later posted this on Facebook
“Almost didn't bowl tonight because of hip pain the last few days but glad I did! Shot 824 (246-300-278) with 300 game 2! Threw the VIP on the left lane and Venom Shock on the right lane all night after the first few frames.
My dad also had a huge set with 759 tonight! Together we had a full sweep to secure our spot in our league playoffs next week.
#getmotivated #iAMBowling #bowlingisfun”

Pollentier’s 731 came at Dream Lanes and was her 15th 700 of the season, while Lo’s 730 (248-258-224) came at Ten Pin and was her 14th.

David “Dude" Young slammed 812 (300-244-268) at Riviera Bowl for his fourth career perfect game and fifth career 800 and third this season.

Also at Riviera, Jeff Dyrud rolled 806 (259-278-269) for his first supernational, Dalton Dilley had his second career 300 in a 776, and Nick Sailing fired a 799.

Corey Schmidt recorded a perfect game in a 791 series at Village Lanes, and the Brunswick staffer later posted this on Facebook:
“791 (300)... needed to strike out in 9th and 10th after splitting in the 8th for 800, got the first one in the 10th but left a 7 pin my second ball in tenth.. which also cost me the house jackpot at $360 #BrunswickBowling #ViseInserts”

Matt Myslewiec just missed a supernational with a 794 at Ten Pin, where two other players slammed perfect games: Kevin O’Brien 785 (239-300-246) and Jim Ring 749-300.

Here is video of the close of O’Brien’s 300, and here is video of the close of Ring’s 300.

Dream Lanes reported five perfect games over the past week.

Chris Scharnke’s 11th career 300 came in a 787 in the Wednesday Classic League. Here is video of the close of his 300.


Madison Area USBC Hall of Famer Jim Fosdick’s 110th career 300 came in a 755 in the Major League.

Tez Stevenson’s third career 300 and second of the season came in a 722 in the Suburban Atlas League.

And Steve Johnson recorded his first career 300 in a 636 in the Tuesday Early Men’s League. Here is video of the close of his 300.


These scores come from reports to me, Facebook reports or scores printed in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Anyone who has any honor scores to report can send them to me at help@11thframe.com.