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Powered by perfect game, Verity Crawley jumps from 10th to lead heading into final round of 2022 PWBA BVL Classic

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Saturday, June 11, 2022 10:00 pm
Verity Crawley of England leads the 2022 PWBA BVL Classic heading into Sunday's final round of match play. Photo by PWBA.
Powered by a perfect game, England’s Verity Crawley on Saturday jumped from 10th to the lead heading into Sunday’s final round of match play at the 2022 PWBA BVL Classic. Crawley went 10-5-1 in Saturday’s 16 games of match play, rolling games of 231, 168, 237, 225, 168, 229, 246, 247, 242, 243, 212, 243, 300, 213, 214 and 227, finishing with a 227.81 average and 3,960 total. Her blocks were 1,751 and 1,894 as she jumped from 10th to first. “Tonight's motto for me was...