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Keith Dumphy's Facebook group page remains the best devoted to the USBC Open Championships

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Saturday, February 11, 2023 8:00 am
Keith Dumphy's Facebook group page remains the best devoted to the USBC Open Championships
Keith Dumphy competing at the USBC Open Championships. Contributed photo.

Keith Dumphy is back again this year with the great group Facebook page he runs for the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships.

The page this year is 2023 OC - Reno, NV (Keith D.) — the name changes each year. Dumphy, who works for a private civil engineering firm in Florida, has no ties to USBC and runs the group and page as a hobby.

The comprehensive page offers pretty much everything anyone could want to know about the tournament and the host city, from documents covering all facets of the tournament, to links to resources like restaurant pages for the host city, to hotel and shuttle information, to articles about the tournament.

He’s been a valuable resource for me as he sometimes sees news stories I may reference in my stories.

Dumphy retired from running the page after the 2017 tournament in Las Vegas, but eventually took the page back over even though he didn’t bowl in Syracuse in 2018.

The Florida right-hander is competing in the tournament April 21 at 2 p.m. and April 22 at 10:30 a.m., then heading to Las Vegas for the USBC Convention.

To get accepted to join the group you must be referred by a friend in the group, or provide your USBC number and answer whether you are bowling the 2022 Open Championships. Dumphy said the measures are to keep out spammers and scammers.

It takes a one-time donation of at least $10 to get on his group. He passes the money to youth bowling in his home area in Florida, and said he so far has raised $12,000 for youth bowling, paying November and December league fees to help families during the holidays and also paid lineage for all youth bowlers in his association’s USBC Youth Tournament.

“Thanks to all those that donated that made all of this possible,” he said. “I have enough to do some good with it for 3 more years.”

You can pay Dumphy via PayPal or mail only. Message him for details.

The one-time donation gets a person on the 2023 Reno Group (invite link sent by PM after donation received) and all future groups he does.

“I'm committed at least thru 2025 Baton Rouge,” Dumphy said. “Will see how it goes then if I continue afterward for a few more years.”

For 2023, Dumphy said he plans to do some Facebook Live Q&A and updates during the tournament and while at it to compete.

Be aware that Dumphy does not hesitate to remove people who violate his policies, which I have found to mostly be a good thing. He allows plenty of debate — so long as it doesn’t cross the line into personal attacks and ridiculous negativity. He also exerts a welcome heavy hand in removing posts that aren’t on topic.

Dumphy notes that there is a wealth of information in the Files, Photos/Albums and Featured, which includes links to Live Scoring, Individual Results, Leaderboards and Program/Sample Coupon Book. There is a photo album for the side tournaments with flyers, rules and maps.

This story is my way of saying thanks to Keith for his tireless volunteer efforts.

Here is USBC’s official Facebook page for the tournament.