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The 11th Frame: Andrew Frawley, Susanne Olson win Masters gold, Team USA’s Lennie Boresch Jr., Lucy Sandelin silver at World Bowling Senior Championships

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Sunday, August 30, 2015 10:00 pm

Australia's Andrew Frawley and Sweden's Susanne Olsson claimed Masters titles over Team USA’s Lennie Boresch Jr. and Lucy Sandelin as the 2015 World Bowling Senior Championships concluded on Sunday, the United States Bowling Congress reported. In the title matches, Frawley, who also won the singles, beat Boresch 269-222, while Olsson beat Sandelin 222-184. Frawley closed with nine strikes, while Boresch’s chances ended when he didn’t strike in the ninth frame on a 4-bagger,...

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