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The 11th Frame: FYI: A great story on Ryan Ciminelli by MarketWatch (free for non-subscribers)

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Saturday, January 16, 2016 7:30 am

Ryan Ciminelli. Photo by Pro Bowlers Association.

If it hadn't been for the lefty-righty lane condition issue that dominated GEICO World Series of Bowling VII and took up so much of my reporting and writing time there, I would have written a feature story on Ryan Ciminelli.

My plan going in was to tell the story of a pro bowler's struggle to make it from novice pro to the top of the PBA Tour: What it took to get there and how he did it. 

The powerful lefty and DV8 staffer has climbed the mountain so many (including me) have tried to climb in PBA history.  

How he succeeded where so many of us failed should be of interest to every bowler and bowling fan. 

Although I didn't have time to do the story, it has been done — and probably better than I would have done it.

I do not know Steve Kutz of MarketWatch but journalist to journalist: Awesome job, particularly with all of the financial details and insights.

The story is here. Click and enjoy. 

I have removed my paywall so everyone can read this article and get to the link to the MarketWatch story.