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The 11th Frame: Another chance to buy a 2016 Bowlers for Boxers T-shirt and help Green Acres Boxer Rescue

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:00 am

The front of this year's Bowlers for Boxers shirt benefiting Green Acres Boxer Rescue.

If you didn’t get one of the beautiful 2016 Bowlers for Boxers T-shirt that benefit Green Acres Boxer Rescue, you have another chance.

As I explained in this story, my girlfriend Susie “Fever” Dyhr is unable to be at this year’s 11thFrame.com Open this weekend because she will be a volunteer for a Badger Honor Flight that her dad will be part of in October, and the mandatory training day is Saturday — qualifying day for the 11thFrame.com Open.

So instead of selling T-shirts to support Green Acres Boxer Rescue on site, her duties forced us to use the online service Booster.com to sell the shirts this year.

And as I detailed in this story, 39 of the T-shirts were sold and $241.05 was donated for total proceeds of $409.32 for Green Acres, the great organization from which we adopted Otis, our goofy, lovable, knuckleheaded, sweetheart of a dog who has so enriched our lives.

We ran the Booster campaign for just a short time so the shirts could be printed and shipped to people in time to be worn at the tournament — I plan to wear mine after I am done bowling A squad at the 11thFrame.com Open.

We figure that there will be people who hadn’t heard of the online sales and planned to buy one at Cherry Lanes during the tournament, or who see people wearing them and want one.

So we decided to re-start the Booster campaign, which will run through Sept. 9.

Again, 20 of the shirts must be purchased for the printing to go forward/

To buy a shirt, go to this page at Booster.com.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts to all who helped GABR!