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The 11th Frame: #InfuseYourGame — I am infusing mine by joining the Logo Infusion staff

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Monday, September 12, 2016 3:00 pm

The jersey Logo Infusion made for our 11thFrame.com teams last year.

I became a fan of Logo Infusion when they did a tremendous job in a tight time frame with jerseys for our 11thFrame.com teams in 2015 (see accompanying picture).

Brandon Allred, Logo’s brand manager and marketing director, was great to work with and the staff turned out what I think is a great looking jersey that was designed by my girlfriend Susie “Fever” Dyhr.

I got to know Brian Cooper, another Logo executive, competing with him on the PBA50 Tour — one of the most enjoyable crosses I’ve had in my long PBA career included Cooper (who I nicknamed Splash for his unending run of light mixer strikes the first day) and Parker Bohn III (whose sons are an absolute hoot) in Hammond, Indiana, in 2015.

Then this April during USBC Convention week, Logo’s Ken Keegan gave members of the International Bowling Media Association a tour of Logo’s factory in Las Vegas. I had no idea how dye-sublimated jerseys were made and it was fascinating to learn the complex process, which Logo does entirely in-house.

When it was over, I immediately regretted not having taken detailed notes so I could write a story.

The only name jerseys I own were designed by Susie and made by Gemini when it had the exclusive PBA contract.

After PBA switched to High 5 Gear, Susie never found the time to design new ones as I went back to wearing some old embroidered name shirts bought at a department store for PBA competition. (High 5 Gear has been a friend to 11thFrame.com as a sponsor of the 11thFrame.com Open the past two years.) 

Susie had started the new jersey design process with H5G, but halted it after USBC rules made me make the choice to drop my PBA membership so I could continue to bowl with our 11thFrame.com group at the Open Championships. 

That process will not go forward and I will continue to wear those old embroidered shirts for the few PBA tourneys I will bowl as a non-member after Cooper and Allred contacted me about 10 days ago asking if I was interested in joining Logo’s staff.

Susie now will be designing some Logo jerseys that I will wear in all non-PBA competition going forward.

If you want to #InfuseYourGame as I am infusing mine, you can get 11 percent — what else? — off retail purchases made at Logo Infusion’s website by using the coupon code RIGGS11. 

In addition to jerseys, Logo’s product line includes Strike Sleeves, microfiber towels, shoe bags, banners, and proprietary items such as table cloths, banners and pennants.

Logo’s Facebook page is here. The company's announcement on Facebook is here and on Twitter it's here.

I have been a member of Storm Products’ staff since 1996 and Turbo Grips’ staff for many years.