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The 11th Frame: World Bowling 36-foot Stockholm, 42-foot Tokyo are lane patterns for 2-pattern Riggs Classic April 15 at Schwoegler’s

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 2:00 am

The fifth annual Riggs Classic on April 15 at 10 a.m. at Schwoegler’s Entertainment Center will be contested on the 36-foot World Bowling Stockholm lane pattern and the 42-foot World Bowling Tokyo lane pattern.

Stockholm, which will be on every right lane, features 26.885 mL of oil with ratios on the left side of 2.75-1 middle to outside track, 1.12-1 middle to middle track, and 1-1 middle-inside track, and ratios on the right side of 2.01-1 middle to outside track, 1.05-1 middle to middle track, and 1-1 middle-inside track.

Tokyo, which will be on every left lane, features 27.35 mL of oil with ratios on both then right and left sides of 2.84-1 middle to outside track, 1.38-1 middle to middle track, and 1.03-1 middle-inside track.

The PDFs of the patterns are attached to the bottom of this story.

I will be adding $200 to the prize fund. The entry fee is $40 and first will pay $600 based on 50 entries. The winner also will receive a 1-year subscription to 11thFrame.com, with the year added to the subscriptions of existing subscribers.

(The Riggs Classic has been at Badger Bowl in past years, but moved to Schwoegler’s after Badger Bowl closed and Jim and Jessica Wipperfurth moved their pro shop to Schwoegler’s.) 

The format again will be six games of qualifying with the top five advancing to a stepladder finals.

Youth bowlers can compete, with any winnings paid to SMART accounts.

Here is the tournament's Facebook page.

Tony Oliva won the inaugural Riggs Classic in 2013, which featured three games of qualifying on two Kegel Challenge patterns, the 37-foot Broadway and 45-foot Route 66, followed by a stepladder finals with Broadway on the left lane and Route 66 on the right lane.

Nathan Michalowski won the 2014 tournament, which featured each pair with the 36-foot, 26mL WTBA Team USA Los Angeles pattern on the left lanes and the 47-foot, 21.55 mL WTBA Team USA Paris pattern on the right lanes.

I won in 2015, which featured each pair with Mike Flanagan’s 44-foot InsideBowling.com pattern from 2014 on the left lanes and Stockholm on the right lanes.

Joe Janz won last year’s tournament, which featured the 45-foot World Bowling Rome pattern on the right lanes and the 37-foot Melbourne pattern on the left lanes.

Here is a primer on multi-pattern tournament competition from USBC.