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The 11th Frame: Don Amorosi’s Riggs 90 Clean back again at Open Championships

JEFF RICHGELS | Posted: Friday, December 29, 2017 8:00 am

Back when Don Amorosi, aka “Gobo,” started a most clean frames pot for the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships in 2009 in Las Vegas, he called it the "Riggs 90 Clean Pot" in honor of me going 90 frames clean in the 1997 tournament in Hunstville, Alabama, and my activity on the then-USBC message boards.

I obviously was honored, although I should note again that the achievement carried no pressure as I did not even know I did it until I was looking at my scoresheets after I was done.

Then in 2011, USBC found that at least two other players had gone 90 clean, and perhaps more since full scoresheets aren’t available for most of the tournament’s history, as I detailed here. (One of the at least two others to do it is PBA Hall of Famer Larry Laub, who will be inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame later this month.)

Gobo didn’t end the Riggs 90 Clean as those who entered wanted him to keep doing it. I had no problem with that so long as people realize that my achievement was not unique. 

USBC ran a 90 Clean pot for a year but then abandoned it.  

Gobo has continued and is running it again this year for Syracuse.

One change is that the entry fee has been raised to $15 from $10 for both the regular and senior divisions. A senior player can enter both divisions.

To enter, you can by check payable to "Riggs 90 Clean" or via Paypal to gobo1418@gmail.com or through Rick Ramsey at the BTM Tournament. Gobo’s mailing address is PO Box 651, Piscataway, NJ 08855.

A person is considered a senior if they turn 50 at any time during the course of the tournament, even if they bowl before they turn 50.

The payout ratio is 1 in 7 for both divisions.

Recap sheets must be mailed to Gobo or faxed to him at 732-302-9729.

For details, e-mail Amorosi at gobo1418@gmail.com or call him at 732-489-0947 or 732-469-0668.

PDFs of the rules and entry flyer are attached to the end of this blog.