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Storm Incite

2 years ago

The Storm INCITE is a ball that surprised me when I started throwing it because of the amount of back-end motion it has.

Don’t get me wrong: The INCITE is not an angular or skid-flip type of ball. But for a strong asymmetrical with a box surface of 3,000 grit, the INCITE has an unexpectedly large amount of back-end curve to it.

The INCITE is the first ball with the R4S coverstock in hybrid form, and also the first with the Tensor core. The 14-pound version has a 2.52 RG, a 0.051 differential, and a 0.011 MB differential.

I put my favorite pin-up strong drilling in my INCITE. With my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 up, the ball numbers are 5 1/16 pin-PAP, 3 7/8 mb-PAP and 3 3/8 pin buffer.

I have found the INCITE to be an easy-revving, heavy-rolling ball that handles oil without blowing up in the front and having no back-end motion.

The only time I have seen it blow up and hit weak is when thrown early to the dry on a wet-dry house shot, but in that case it was almost beneficial because a lot of balls on such shots would jump high rather than burn and leave a weak 10-pin.

Unfortunately, with my creaky 3-operation wrist and slower ball speed, I have left a lot of weak 10s with the INCITE even when not thrown to the dry as I don’t think I have the rev rate to take full advantage of the INCITE. 

I have found the INCITE to be best at playing up an oil line on a wet-dry shot, as it has the power to roll in the oil and doesn’t jump high off the dry if thrown well.

And on the fresh PBA Carmen Salvino 44 lane pattern, it gave me “safer” motion than the RUBICON or RST X-1, meaning it was easier to keep in the pocket and avoid bad things like 2-10 combinations and face shot splits. Basically, it took away some of the hang without hooking early and jumping high.     

But I think once a pattern like that transitioned in competition I’d be looking to go to something like the RUBICON or UFO or SURE LOCK that I have more confidence in striking. Those balls make stronger/quicker moves when they move, as opposed to the more curving motion of the INCITE.

My sense is that players with higher rev rates might favor the INCITE because of its more curvy and controllable motion.  

I must caution that I have not had a chance to use the INCITE in competition since returning to bowling this spring. If I find different things as I use it more, I will update this review.  

I for sure will be using the INCITE more, as the motion is valuable — I just need to find a way to strike more with it. Perhaps smoothing and/or shining the cover will help.

ball layout
ball cover
ball core
Coverstock:R4S hybrid reactive
Core:Tensor asymmetric
Box Finish:3,000 grit